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they’re ours亚洲色自偷自拍另类小说

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they’re ours亚洲色自偷自拍另类小说

HOT TUB HEAVEN, THE CONTINUATION I stay at the Astoria Holiday Inn every Monday and some Tuesdays while I’m working in town.I enjoy soothing my bones in the hot tub every night I’m there.Two weeks ago, I had the experience of a lifetime.A couple were sitting in my favorite spot in the tub while their three kids splashed in the pool.I eased in and sat far enough away from them so I wouldn’t intrude in their relaxation.However, the wife, Cheryl, made it obvious that she was eager to play, even though her husband was sitting just a foot away from her.She first made knee contact, then her foot rubbed mine, then as her husband went to turn back on the spa jets, she began rubbing my now erect cock through my swim trunks.He walked over to attend to the kids and she let me finger her cunt until she had a mind-blowing orgasm, not once but twice while he was occupied.I managed to get a finger in her ass during the action and she moaned, “Ooooh…that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”Then she slid my swollen cock out of my trunks and gave me the best handjob of my life.As I began to shoot my load, Cheryl just leaned over and put her mouth around my cock.I shot what felt like a gallon of cum, pulse after pulse of hot jizz spurted out into her waiting mouth.She was sucking and swallowing as fast as she could but some still leaked out around her lips and fizzled away in the water.Man, I was shot and I also suddenly realized that I was in love.As we recovered, I mentioned that finger fucking her was not my best move but that I excelled in eating out a woman and even thought she’d like to have my tongue tickle her waiting asshole.“You’ll cum and cum and cum when I do that,” I boasted.“Oooh my, that sounds like something I’d like to try,” she exclaimed. “My husband, Ben, is pretty straight and I don’t think he’d ever try that.” “But, I know he’d like to watch you, maybe you can teach him a few things” she said.“How about we get the kids settled and we’ll come up to your room later.”With that, she climbed out of the tub and started gathering her flock for showers and towels.As they stood under the shower, I could see her whispering to Ben who looked over at me with a wicked smile.I thought I could see a boner poking out of his trunks.I sat until my own erection subsided, not easy while I kept thinking of what might happen tonight.Man was I really horny.Still horny, even after a great orgasm, I showered and went up to my room.The phone rang about a half hour later but she was cancelling our threesome date because of a sick child. We sort of made plans to meet next week but I didn’t hear from them that whole week.I was bummed.She was the hottest thing I had seen for a long time and the little experience we’d shared made me horny for more. I must have masturbated twice every day that next week recalling it.But as the next week rolled around, late on Monday afternoon the following week my cell rang with a Portland number I’d hoped would call.“Rob,” she said, “We’re on our way down to spend the week in Astoria looking at sights.We’d love to get together.Ben is OK with all of this.Are you ready for us,” she asked?“Sweetie, I’ve been so ready, I’ve been warming up for two weeks waiting for you guys.I am stroking gently now with some of the hotel’s great lotion,” I replied.“Don’t wear it out!” she laughed.We met at the hot tub again, both of them and the three kids.Both Cheryl and their 15 year old, Angie, were in string bikinis.My eyes popped out of my head.The teen was more striking that I remembered from before.Great ass and her small tits were just perfect for her frame.I was glad to be in the water to hide my growing bulge.And Cheryl was still this tall gorgeous blond with a perfect figure, despite three kids.She came over and talking loudly enough for the kids to hear said, “Well hello, stranger.We meet again.”“Oh, hi there,” I played along.“Are you tubbing it this week,” I asked?“I think we’ll just swim and wear the kids out,“ she replied. She lowered her voice and added, “We‘ll get a movie and a pizza for the little ones and let Angie babysit them a bit later.”“I’m in room 424 this week,” I added. “Only one king bed, but I think we’ll need it if we’re all to be on it,” as I passed her the plastic room key.I soaked long enough for my boner to recede and tried not to look at either Cheryl or Angie as I showered and toweled off.Later, I lay on the king bed with a towel over my crotch as they opened the door.She was wearing a loose smock covering her body down to the floor.Her nipples poked straight out through the fabric and, with the hall light behind her, I could see the outline of her bush through the smock.She had let down her hair and it draped her face beautifully, hanging down over her shoulders.Ben was wearing sweatpants and a muscle shirt.He was really built and I was sure glad he was OK with this.I’d hate to be on the receiving end of his angry fists. As he walked in, I also could clearly see his erection poking out in front and swaying against the material.He stepped over, reached out his hand and said, “Ben Morgan.I know you’ve already met my wife, Cheryl, in the spa.Or rather you got to meet her pussy.She is quite grateful you ‘came’, if you get my drift.”“Rob White,” I replied.“I get your drift and I’m grateful that I ‘came’ too.”“I’m glad Jack called for his towel last time we were here,” he continued.“It was getting difficult to pretend to keep my eyes closed while you were fingering her cunt.You guys made lots of waves.At least she wasn’t moaning like she often does.”“So, you knew,” I asked?He smiled, “Yep.We have an agreement to look the other way, although I wasn’t about to look away that night.You may not have known that I was peeking from the spa while you were fingering her cunt.And then I had to try not to be obvious from the pool while I was watching her jack you off.When she sucked down your load of cum and then licked her lips, I wanted to whip out my cock and have her suck me too, but I was with the kids.”He continued with a grin, “Cheryl is very picky about the guys she chooses to play with and she said that you tickled her fancy—and her pussy—like seldom has been done before.”I don’t know how you could control yourself and didn’t blow your load during her orgasm.That level of control makes me jealous.I have trouble not jacking off whenever I watch Cheryl fool around.” “I’m glad that you’re OK with this,” I responded.“OK with it?” he continued.“After the spa, we ordered the kids pizza and, while they were eating, she pulled me into the bathroom and let me jerk off in front of her and shoot my load on her face and chest.She loves cum and I’ve rarely seen her so horny.Thank you.Now I’m ready for part 2.”“I haven’t even showed her my best part 1 moves yet,” I said with a smile.Cheryl lifted her arms straight up and her smock fell completely down around her ankles.She was standing there totally naked with gorgeous blond hair—head and cunt both. Her perky tits were perfect for her slim frame.Maybe 5’ 7” tall and no poochy belly, despite the three kids.She spread her legs, reached down and slowly drew two fingers between her cunt lips. With a wicked smile on her pretty mouth she licked her fingers.“Man, I am so looking forward to this,” she sighed.“Last time was a warm up and I’m still tingling all over from your fingers in my pussy and ass.I’ve been frigging my cunt for two weeks reliving that fantastic orgasm!I’ve been driving Ben wild with my needs.”Ben pulled off his shirt and dropped his sweats, allowing a semi-small dick to poke straight out.It was maybe 5” and not very thick and his ball sack was also pretty small, hanging between very muscular legs.His pecks rippled as he flexed and twisted.“Steroids,” he mumbled.“They’re great when you take them but have really crappy long-term effects on your manhood.”The overall effect was striking with a buff guy, rippling muscles but a small pecker and scrotum.“Cheryl says you have a treat in store for her,” he said.“Indeed, I do.But first things first’” I began. “What’s the deal with you two?You look like a Hollywood stud and she’s a beauty queen so why don’t you keep her satisfied and not fool around,” I asked?“You clearly aren’t gay unless the children are from someone else.”“No, they’re ours,” he said.“I got serious into weight lifting and steroid supplements right when Jack was born and, over the years, my testicles have shrunk and my prick seems way smaller too.I still get a boner every time I look at Cheryl and I can cum when we fuck.But, my ejaculation is so quick that she is left unsatisfied.And I feel inadequate because of it,” he confessed.“That’s a shame,” I replied.“So, we resorted to toys and oral sex for her.She actually likes that more than fucking now.She lets me eat her out every chance we get and she has great orgasms.She’s multi-orgasmic,” he added.“Yes,把护士强奷到舒服的动态图 I found that out,” I replied.He continued, “I love for her to suck me off and I actually prefer that to sex.But, I still cum in about 10 seconds and then I’m done in.Eventually we resorted to the club scene where she would pick someone out and dance with him, get all hot, then go out to the car for some serious sex.But we had to be very selective with the club scene; it is a bit scary with all the STDs around and we never knew who she’d end up with.”“Bet it was a turn on for you,” I asked?“Yes, I was fine with the scene as long as I could chaperone her activities,” he added.“Actually, I found that I could quickly recover my hard-on watching her and some Joe go at it.I would stroke my cock while she was being serviced and then she’d let me shoot my cum on her.It solved the problem of my quick orgasm since I could have two.Jacking off that way is pretty satisfying.”Cheryl added, “We never went to the same club twice and the sex was always anonymous; no names and no entanglements.It was exciting to pick a guy and seduce him with Ben watching the whole time.I got pretty good at reading a guy by the way he moved and talked.But, jeez, there were so many losers in those clubs!”“I know,” I added, “The dating scene here is pretty poor.Since my wife was killed, I’ve tried dating sites and club hopping but there’s absolutely no joy there.So how did you latch onto me?””“You’ve got those ‘bedroom eyes’,” she smiled.“I knew you were the one for me when you walked into the spa.Looks like you remember that spa adventure too,” she leered as she looked at the towel standing straight up.“Now, let’s get to it, big fella’.”“Your wish is my command,” I said as I whipped off my towel.My cock was rock hard and all 9 inches ready for action.“Oh, yes,” she exclaimed as she jumped onto the bed and reached over to stroke my shaft.She took the head into her mouth as pre-cum leaked out.“Come up here on the bed,” I said, “and put your lovely pussy on my mouth.”She jumped at the idea and soon I was licking the most gorgeous pussy I had seen.Her blond muff was trimmed on the sides but still full and it was so soft. I love to lick a hairy muff more than anything.She was trying to swallow my whole cock but couldn’t quite get it down without gagging.“It’s way bigger than Ben’s and thicker too,” she said.“Just suck the head,” I said, “And stroke the shaft.Ah…that’s just right.You’ll be able to swallow more of me as you get used to my size.”And soon she was able to deep throat the whole thing.I looked over at Ben who had climbed onto the bed.His eyes were glued to her sucking my cock and he was stroking his dick as he watched.Soon he was right next to her and began holding her hair out of the way as she bobbed up and down on me. I can last a long time usually, but this was too much.A threesome!My lifetime dream coming true; a gorgeous woman sucking away and her guy helping her while he masturbated for us.I could feel the hot cum boiling in my balls.“Stop for a minute,” I gasped.“Let me do some work here while you guys just enjoy it.”I licked from her engorged clit all the way to the bottom of her channel, over and over.I could taste her sweet juice with every trip.She began to moan as the feelings overtook her.So I took her clit into my mouth and began sucking on it as I slid three fingers into her hot cunt and pressed forward onto her g-spot.“Oh, my god!” she shook as the first orgasm hit her.She clamped her legs around my face but I kept sucking her nub and thrusting until, a few seconds later, she had another screaming climax.“I can’t breathe,” she cried out.“Ooooh….Aaah!”Then I heard, “I’m cumming too,” as I felt some hot cream splash over my cock as Ben unloaded his jizz on her face and it dripped onto my groin.As I was still needing to shoot my load, I said, “That was part one.”Cheryl rolled onto her side with a dreamy look on her face.Ben was also smiling as he said, “That was so hot.”I reached back and grabbed two pillows, put them down in the middle of the bed and said to Cheryl, “Lie here and put your beautiful ass up in the air.”She lay with her head down, ass in the air on the pillows and spread her legs.I climbed behind her and began rubbing her pussy from front to back, tickling her clit with each trip.She squirmed with each touch.Then I began extending each trip to circle her little pink rear hole.With my other hand I brushed that sweet rosebud with my fingertip and then began gently pressing a finger onto the spot.She pressed back as I did so and pretty soon I was one knuckle deep in her ass.She moaned with delight.“Oh, yesss…that feels so good,” she said. I pushed in to the second knuckle as I wiggled my three fingers in her dripping cunt“Ah, I’m cumming again,” she cried.And she did, this time with an obvious squirt of juice from her pulsing pussy.It ran down my hand as Ben looked on with amazement.“Did you know she can squirt?” I asked.“No.But it looks beautiful,” he panted.“Get your face down here,” I commanded. “Lie on your back and stick your mouth under her cunt and lap it up, big boy.” I grabbed the pillows away and said, “Cheryl, lift up on your arms and let Ben slide under you.”In seconds we had finished repositioning and I returned to my task or giving this babe an evening to remember.Ben was sucking her clit and his prick had sprung back to full erection status.“Now, for the real treat,” I said as I pulled my finger out and leaned in to lick around her asshole.I circled her waiting hole, then stuck the tip of my tongue in and began wiggling it around.I kept pumping her cunt with my hand and began quickly pulling my tongue out and then thrusting it back in.She soon was arching her back and meeting my tongue thrusts with backward thrusts of her ass. So I just stuck my tongue out all the way and kept it stiff as she rocked back and forth.She was ass fucking my tongue!!! I love this part of the play because I know she’s going to cum over and over with almost each thrust.“Ahh…Ahh…Ahh…Ahh…” she screamed over and over.“Sweet glory, I’m dying here and I love it.”Meanwhile I removed my hand and let Ben lap away.He had his mouth glued to her pussy with his tongue pressed as far up her pussy as it could go.He was sucking for all he was worth as she juiced again and again, filling his mouth with her sweet nectar.She was almost having a constant orgasm, as multiple min-ones blended together.I really didn’t want to stop tonguing her ass but I was so horny I was going to burst.I grabbed the bottle of lube on the night stand and slathered my cock with it, then gently pressed the head of my dick onto her ass and began pushing slowly.She sucked in a breath as the head gradually slipped in beyond her sphincter.Her hole was well lubricated with spit, lube and her juices. Inch by inch my cock disappeared into her tunnel until I was completely buried balls deep and my scrotum was banging up against Ben’s face.Meanwhile she had slurped Ben’s cock into her mouth and was alternating sucking on him and screaming out with pleasure.He was stroking his prick with gusto as she slurped him.“”Here it comes,” he yelled as he pulled his mouth away from her mound.He shot his second load all over her face and latched right back onto her cunt with his tongue deep into her. She licked what spunk she could from her lips but some dripped back onto Ben.She licked his cock head then put his softening member in her mouth and resumed sucking.A moment later she yelled, ”Ahhhhh….I’m cumming again…I’m cumming, Rob, with your prick all the way deep in my ass!Oh, god, it feels wonderful!Don’t stop….AHHHHH!””I thought it was way more than wonderful; it was heaven.I could feel every inch of her tunnel caressing the entire length of my rod.There was no need to move so I just held still as her contractions milked me. Even without thrusting I felt my balls boil, then contract as I began shooting my built up load deep into her ass.Pulse after pulse came roiling out of my cock into her butt.Then I felt a warm tongue on my ball sack, then one testicle and then the other was sucked into Ben’s mouth.I couldn’t move even if I had wanted to.So I just stayed there as he slathered his wet spit all over my sack and balls. I’ve never had a guy suck on my sack but I have to admit it felt pretty good. I looked down and saw his dick had returned to life with the shaft still buried to the hilt between Cheryl’s lips. He had his hands on each side of her head and was using her mouth to jack himself off.She got into the action and was sucking for all she was worth as he pumped her face up and down his shaft.He continued his ministrations below and would first lap Cheryl’s juice and then lick my balls.I felt my cock begin to soften so I gradually pulled it out of Cheryl’s tunnel.As it popped out, a huge gusher of cum oozed out and began to roll down her engorged cunt lips.Ben looked at it for a minute and then stuck his mouth over those same cunt lips and sucked my spunk down.I was totally enjoying the view.I could see Cheryl’s wide open asshole leaking my cum, Ben sucking all the juice out of her cunt as well as the jizz that kept oozing out of her ass, and Cheryl blowing Ben for all she was worth.Boy, talk about nirvana!After another minute or so Ben yelled out in triumph as he shot his third load down her mouth.“Wow!” we said almost in unison.“That was mind-blowing!”“I need to rest and catch my breath,” she said. “I can’t even move.”“I have to admit, this was way beyond anything I’d hoped for when we started in the spa,” I said. “But, Ben, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.You ate her like a pro and shot three loads in rapid succession.Pretty good show! But, I have to confess that I’ve never had my balls licked by another guy,” I admitted.“First for me too,” he said.“I don’t know why other than they were slapping me in the face.I’m no way gay but I decided to eat your cum too since it seemed the right thing to do at the time.I agree with Cheryl that it tastes pretty good!”“We should get back to the kids pretty soon,” Cheryl said.“Can we use your shower?I don’t want Angie to smell the sex on us when we return plus I’m leaking your wonderful cum from my butt.”“Are you guys coming down again sometime soon?” I asked.”I think we’ve used the sightseeing ploy enough without making the older kids suspicious,” Ben added.“We need to have you up to our cabin on Mount Hood.We can spend the whole weekend together without kids.And, I think our club days are over if you’ll agree to join us whenever you can.”“It’s a perpetual date,” I responded.“Oh, do you have a hot tub up there by chance?”“The best things seem to begin in the hot tub!”



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