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she had been私人情侣作爱视频网站

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she had been私人情侣作爱视频网站

VERRY INCESTUOUS RELATIONSCHAPTER 6WEDDING PARTY TIMEAN ORGY OF SEX:Cindy slowly came awake, opening her eyes just long enough to establish that she was in the king sized bed in her hotel suite in Santa Barbara..The past 24 hours had been a sexual blur.Things had happened so quickly that she still wasn’t sure how she had gotten into the incestuous, non-stop sex situation that she found herself in.She had gotten so hot and out of control, that she thought that she’d been drugged, and according to her two sons, she had been, and by drinking some of their own cum.Yesterday morning she and her twin boys had driven away from their San Diego home, headed for Santa Barbara to attend her sister-in-law’s wedding, just a mother and her two hunky 15 year old sons.After drinking a couple of Starbuck’s, apparently spiked cappuccinos, on the highway to LA, drinks that her boys had brought with them to give her, she had turned into Jerry and Larry’s sex toy, and had proceeded to give both of them blowjobs in the back of their SUV.Then, when they had reached the outskirts of LA, the boys had pulled in at a cheap motel, and got a dingy, rent-by-the-hour room.When they had gotten her inside the disgustingly filthy room, they had proceeded to completely ravish her, from stem to stern.A kind of two hour, very consensual rape!Half way through that wild motel room orgy of sex, the boys had called the skinny, wrinkled old ex-porn star, Bob, who was the manager of the filthy dump, and had gotten him to come to their room and use the cameras they had brought with them on the trip, and his vast porn experience, to shoot a two hour DVD of them performing hot, nasty sex acts with her.When her porn movie debut was complete, and her performance was safely stored in the boy’s computer memory, for posterity, they had driven on to Santa Barbara.During the rest of the trip the twins had passed her back and forth between them, like she was a promiscuous hot date.They had checked into the Santa Barbara hotel and, once they had her in the bedroom, the two boys had spent several more hours having totally wild, ribald sex with her.They just couldn’t get enough of her curves-stacked-on-top-of-curves, body, and had made total gluttons out of themselves with it.10 INCH INCESTUOUS MEMORIES:Suddenly her train of thought was interrupted by the sound of her two son’s loud laughter that was coming from the suite’s living room.The noise from the two of them immediately sent visions of delicious, rock hard, 10 inch cocks flashing through her still sexually charged mind.Before yesterday she had never seen a 10 inch cock, and now she had seen two of them.She had not only seen them, she had had both of them inside of her.A lot!Often at the same time!She remembered that, more than once, she had been put between her sons, with one of their enormous cocks fucking her mouth while the other meaty prick was being used to rut her extremely receptive, wet hot vagina.Not only that, at one point Larry had laid down on his back on the bed and Jerry had put her astride of him, in the cowgirl position.While she was sliding Larry’s cock fully up into her hot cunt, Jerry had gotten behind her and quickly stuffed his cock fully up her ass.When she had felt Jerry’s thick shaft plow into her back door, an inch away from the cock that was already stuffed in her pussy, she had been quickly reminded that their cocks were not only 10 inches long, they were also as thick as beer cans.She had never experienced anything like it before in her life.God, she had been double stuffed beyond belief.So stuffed that her tongue dangled out of her mouth all the while they were taking her.She felt very guilty as she thought about the wicked sexual highs she had let herself be taken too, by her two very sexually skilled young studs.Highs that had left her with the wonderfully pleasing and lingering tingle that she was currently feeling between her often spread legs.She had not only gotten royally screwed, yesterday, she had been screwed in positions that she hadn’t realized even existed before.She had been taken from the front, back, right side up, upside down, standing, lying, kneeling, hanging, and sideways, along with many other diabolical variations.Sighing deeply at those memories, she quickly glanced at the clock and saw that it was already 9:30AM.Before she could move, the twins rushed into her bedroom, dressed only in their jockey shorts, and announced that room service was here with their breakfasts, and that she need to come in and sign the check.She got up, put on her cum spotted, still damp panties, then donned a floor length, pink, silky, form hugging robe, and some 4 inch high heeled bedroom wedges, then undulated into the suite’s living room, where she signed the check and gave it to the gawking, bug-eyed, dry mouthed bellboy.Staring at her wondrous body, the kid took the check from her as his pants formed a tent in the front, then staggered to the front door and let himself out with one final, hard-on glance at the heavenly female form.During the meal the boys had some raunchy fun sloppily forking her food into her mouth for her, while they played with her body.She chewed and swallowed, as she did her best to outline the days schedule for them.Their Aunt Celeste was going to arrive at 11AM to meet the boys before they were picked by her fiancé’s limo to be taken to a tux fitting.Later, she and Celeste were going go to the ritzy Clamon Restaurant, at 1:30PM, where they were to meet the boys for lunch.Assuring her that they understood, the charged up twins agreed that they would go and get ready, if she would kiss their peckers, first.Still sexually helpless, she obliged them and they kept her busy for five more minutes giving their cock heads and shafts, as well as their balls, many hot, drooling kisses and long, wet licks.Eventually they started forcing their huge cocks between her teeth wanting her to suck them off but, after several oral insertions, she finally convinced them that there wasn’t enough time left to get it done.THE BRIDE-TO-BE ARRIVES:When they finally went to their room, she got up and staggered back into her bedroom, tossed her robe and panties on the bed, then showered, washing their cum off of her body, as well as from her matted, sticky hair.Once she was toweled off, and her make-up applied, she slowly got into a purple garter belt, matching lacy topped nylons, purple bikini panties and a companion, low cut, strapless bra. When she was satisfied that all of her undergarments were perfectly in place, she slipped into a pale purple dress that was as tasteful as it was form fitting.It was sleeveless, with two inch wide straps over her plush shoulders, and was structured to display a maximum amount of cleavage, while the soft, stretchy material hugged her enormous Double E tits, tightly, making them look like the tips of two major sized torpedoes.The hem of the daringly tight dress came up to mid-thigh, and barely covered the fancy, designer, purple tops of her nylons.The lower portion of the dress was very snug around her hips and thighs, and had no choice but to cup under her amazingly full, taut ass cheeks to die for.She then completed the ensemble by stepping into a pair of five inch high, stiletto heeled shoes, whose pastel purple straps wound up around her ankles, to just below her calves.She looked at herself in the mirror and was very pleased with the stylish, fashionable look she had achieved, while still looking sexy as hell.At least standing still!She knew that walking would be another matter all together. With her legs in motion, she would be an absolute ball busting, orgasmic sight to behold, a circumstance which very much appealed to the promiscuous side of her, a side that her two teen sonshad brought back out into full erotic bloom, with a vengeance. Impeccably packaged, she came out of the bedroom and immediately heard a knock on the door to the suite.She went over and opened it, and warmly greeted her sister-in-law, with a big hug and warm, full-lipped, tongue exploring kiss, before ushering her into the room.As hot as the boys had gotten her, she found that even the touch of Celeste’s body was a turn on.She shook her head still wondering what had come over her during the last 24 hours.Once she had ushered her sister-in-law inside, neither Celeste nor her nephews were prepared for the visual feasts that came next, as the two bodacious 15 year olds bounded into the room.It had been four years since the youths and their aunt had last seen each other.The boys had been eleven years old at the time, and had been still mostly interested in just racing around and playing, and hadn’t gotten into noticing girls yet, even one as enticingly structured and dazzling, as their father’s sister.Celeste had been twenty-one at the time and they hadn’t seen her since then, because she had been off at school getting her law degree.Cindy said to Celeste, “You remember my boys?”Celeste, with her eyes boldly taking in the two robust, youthful male specimens that stood before her, then gushed, “My goodness, Cindy, how they have changed since I last saw them. They are so big and muscular now. It’s hard to believe that they won’t be sixteen until tomorrow.”She went over and kissed each of them on the cheek then, squeezing their upper arms, said excitedly, “My god, Cindy, it feels like they have baseballs for biceps.”The obviously very impressed aunt took a step back and looked the two young studs up and down, with mouth watering approval, then whistled at them, saying, “Wow what a pair of hunks you two have turned out to be.”“Why thank you Celeste,” Cindy quickly answered for the two gawking, temporarily speechless boys, “but please don’t encourage them, they are very full of themselves already.”For their part, the boys were goggle eyed. Their aunt, and soon-to-be bride, looked and dressed like one of those totally ripe bodied movie stars from the 1950’s.She had the astounding shape and the blonde hair of a Marilyn Monroe, as well as having the same breathless, sexy manner about her.She didn’t look, or act, like an attorney.She conducted herself like a slightly bewildered, total sexpot.Her truly spectacular curves were squeezed into a dramatically snug, white dress that was tighter and much shorter than the one their mother was wearing.It exposed an awesome amount of breath taking cleavage, as well as her full, lush, very toned thighs.She, too, was wearing five inch heels that were showing off her thighs and jutting ass cheeks, to their fullest advantage.To complete the tantalizing sight, their aunt’s stunningly beautiful face, with its smoldering, sexy, crystal blue eyes, was surrounded by a thick mane of almost platinum blond hair that looked as though it should have a man’s hands buried in it, for immoral purposes.The totally impressed twins quickly concluded that, whomever this Frankie character was who their aunt was marrying, he was sure getting one hell of a bride who, from the looks of her spectacular shape, and the dumb blonde look on her face, was certainly more than any one man was ever going to be able to satisfy, all by himself.Seeing the leers on the faces of her two perpetually horny sons, Cindy tried to head them off by telling them that it was time for them to go down and meet Frankie’s limo at the hotel entrance.She almost succeeded but, before departing, each boy took a turn stepping in front of their plush bodied aunt, taking her in their arms and pressing a leg between her thighs, as they boldly kissed her flush on the lips, fully inserting their tongues.Celeste was so surprised by their aggressive move that she, without thinking, found herself hungrily returning their kisses and swallowing their tongues, as well as grinding her mound against their pressing thighs, with much enthusiasm.The two glazed eyed, smitten twins, then went to the door of the suite, reluctantly, and let themselves out with a wave.When the door closed behind them, Jerry looked at his brother and said, “Holy shit, what a fuckin’ fox Aunt Celeste has turned out to be.”Larry nodded, “Now that’s about as fine as it gets.Man, have we got a pair of great looking aunts, or what. It would be a coin flip trying to choose between her and Mona.” Jerry mused, “Too bad we discovered our dad’s sister just two days before she is going to get married.But hell, better late than never! Did you see the sexy look in her eyes and, damn, can that honey ever suck tongue and hump leg.”Jerry cheerfully slapped his brother on the back and said, “She is a bitching hot one, Bro, and it looks to me like she can be had, wedding or no wedding.The vibe I got was that our hot bodied aunt is more than ready to put out.”SOME INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE:After watching the boys leave the living room, Celeste followed her sister-in-law into the bedroom, as Cindy apologized, “Sorry about the boys being so forward with you.”“Oh, don’t give it a thought, sweetheart, it was actually fun to be kissed by a fifteen year old boy again,” Celeste responded, licking her lips like a hungry cat.As she was speaking, Celeste took notice of the wildly rumpled bed.She went over and touched the soiled, spotted, crusty sheets, and they almost stuck to her hand.She picked up the red panties that were lying on the bed and felt their damp, sticky crotch, then put them up to her nose and sniffed them.Next she leaned over and smelled the wrinkled sheets, and asked, “Damn girl, what has been going on in here? Isn’t that the distinct aroma of hot, dirty sex that I am smelling?”With a sly smile, she looked at her stupendously endowed sister-in-law, and observed, “From the glow in your cheeks, and the looks of this bed, and the erotic scent of sex that’s in the air, my guess is that you spent last night getting totally fucked.”Arching her eyebrow she speculated, “Now, the only question is, since your husband isn’t here with you, by whom were you being screwed?”She watched Cindy guiltily look down at the floor, and exclaimed, “I thought so!Wow, honey, so those two gorgeous sons of yours have been slipping you the big one.”Without waiting for a response, Celeste went on with a lustful smile, “Now, aren’t you the sly vixen, cheating on my brother with your own sons?”“Damn, darling, from the looks of this bed, you must have had a blast being ridden hard by those two young hunks of yours.Christ, who would have ever thunk it?”“Underneath that calm and together exterior of yours, you are really just a wickedly slutty little bitch, aren’t you,” she accused, with a knowing laugh.Looking her sister-in-law’s statuesque body over, she added, “It turns out that you really are as big a hottie as that body of yours looks like you should be.”She then laughed uproariously, and exclaimed, “Damn, how lucky can a mother get?Now tell me, girlfriend, just how long has this fun been going on?”Cindy looked at her beaming sister-in-law, and confessed, “It just happened for the first time yesterday morning, on the trip up here and, to tell you the truth, I’m really not sure how it all happened.”“I was driving along drinking cappuccinos and eating donuts one minute, and then, a few minutes later, I got unbearably hot, and the next thing I knew I was giving both of them blowjobs while we drove along the highway.”“And they have been screwing me practically non-stop, ever since,” she announced, with another deep, guilty blush.Celeste, shivering in excited anticipation, said, “Well I think that thisa good time for us to go to the restaurant, early, and have some wine, so you can start filling me in on all of the dirty details.”A very relieved Cindy went over and hugged her sister-in-law, and said, “Oh god, I would love to do that, and thanks for being so understanding.”Celeste looked out into space, dreamily, then said with a chuckle, “Well, the four of us are certainly going to be having a much different kind of lunch today than I was expecting.”“Spending the afternoon with you and your two very naughty twin boys, is going to be a very interesting and titillating treat for all of us.”FLAUNTING THE GOODS:The two smoking hot broads left the hotel room, went down in the elevator and, when it deposited them in the hotel lobby, they worked their way outside, through the ogling stares of the hotel patrons, whose eyes were riveted on the two sensational female bodies that were undulating sexily across the marble floor.When they got outside, Celeste’s Jaguar was brought around and they got in it, treating the watching crowd to an erotic display of ass cheeks, thighs, panties and nylons, that resulted from their planting their two spectacular asses onto the plush leather car seats.Celeste pulled her car out of the hotel driveway and drove towards the newest and most elegant Oceanside restaurant in Santa Barbara.When the car stopped at the first red light, Celeste leaned over and stuck her tongue into Cindy’s mouth, then said, “Damn, you beautiful MILF wench, now that I know that you are having sex with my two handsome nephews, I feel like taking you right back to the hotel suite, and eating you.”Cindy talked her gorgeous, very horny sister-in-law, into being responsible and continue driving to the restaurant.Upon arrival, Celeste handed her car keys to the valet, then both of them disembarked from the low car, with another upskirt flashing flourish.Both of them undulated inside where Celeste asked the manager to have her best friend’s cousin, Luther, wait on them.The young man came over and kissed Celeste on the cheek, then led the strutting pair through the lavish restaurant, as they purposely flaunted themselves in front of the startled and very impressed diners.Luther sat them in a half moon shaped bar booth that allowed them to sit side by side, looking out at the ocean, as well as at the many staring patrons of the restaurant, who were seated between them and the huge windows.Now two thirds of the diners in the restaurant were now able to look up their short skirts.Before they had a chance to order a drink, two appreciative males sent over a bottle of excellent champagne.Their waiter pointed the gifter’s out to them and they both waived and playfully rewarded their thoughtful new fans with a slow, thigh flashing, crotch exposing, leg show, that added to the heat of everyone in the establishment.In fact, the rest of the audience’s sudden collective intake of breath, at the brazenly sexual exhibition they had just witnessed, almost created a vacuum in the room.Soon thereafter, two different men, each representing groups of guys at other tables, came over and asked them if they were interested in, and available for a nooner.They declined each proposition with warm smiles and, as time went by, other men just sent their business cards over, hoping that they might get lucky, now or later.At one point during this very titillating, prick teasing extravaganza, they received an envelope containing a $100 bill, that was attached to a note, which simply requested that they cross their legs again.They didn’t know who had sent the request, but since they had now drunk two glasses of champagne, each, and were really turned on and enjoying the hell out of themselves, they laughed and complied with the mystery requester’s stated desire with a very slow, tantalizing, panty crotch exposing, upskirt display, that turned on everyone..While they were performing for the unknown watchers, they laughed and mutually agreed that, by putting on this risqué flaunting of their wares for the hundred dollar bill, it at least made them qualify as paid, soft-core, sex show performers.In general, they had the type of blast that only two truly gorgeous, voluptuous, always potentially promiscuous women can have, on a grand day out on the town by themselves. INCESTUOUS CONFESSIONS:Once the initial exhibitionist phase of their restaurant adventure had passed, Celeste took a long sip of champagne, then insisted that Cindy tell her absolutely everything about what had led her into this incestuous relationship she was having with her two sons.Cindy downed her own long sip of the bubbly, and then started telling Celeste about the driving trip from San Diego to Santa Barbara.Celeste, tingling with a total sexual turn-on from listening to Cindy’s graphic descriptions of incestuous debauchery, took another drag on the champagne then said, “My god, darling, it was just awful for those two boys of yours to put you through all of those despicable sex acts, and treat you like you were their personal whore.”“I am truly astounded by all of this, but putting that all aside for a moment, how was the sex?”With some considerable embarrassment, Cindy exclaimed, “Oh god, Celeste, it was absolutely fantastic, the best I’ve ever had, by far. The boys are so unbelievably well hung, so randy and so sexually skilled, that I still can hardly believe it.”“They drove me absolutely crazy, and had me climaxing over and over.It was an absolutely riotous, bawdy, vulgar sexual experience, but after it was over, I couldn’t get the smile off of my face.”Celeste grabbed her wine glass, again, and said, “Damn girl, what a story.I can fully understand how this could happen to you, as well as your sexual response to it, but after you had cooled down, why didn’t you put a stop to it?”“Well, first, because they held over my head the X-rated movie Bob had shot of me performing dirty sex with them.”“They said that if I didn’t agree to be their in-house hooker, they would show the movie to people who I would never want to see it, like my husband, for instance,” she explained.“But, second, they told me that they had found out that their cum acts as an aphrodisiac on me, and that they could slip their cum in me, in many ways, and without my knowledge, and turn me into a nympho for them, any time they wanted too.”“Damn,” Celeste exclaimed, “Do you have any idea whether or not their aphrodisiac claim is true?”“All I know is that they told me that they had put their cum in the cappuccinos I drank on the way to LA, and that is what got me so hot, and turned me into a wanton slut for them.”“Of course, since then they have been keeping me so busy having sex with them, that there is no way I could know if it is true, or not.”Celeste leaned back in her chair and said, “My god, darling, if that were to turn out to be true, they could make you do absolutely anything they wanted, and you would be helpless to resist.”“Probably, they could even slip it to you and get you hot, and then make you have sex with other guys.Those are certainly two extremely naughty and devilish boys you have here.”Cindy looked at her beautiful, blonde sister-in-law and asked, “Well, now that I have confessed everything to you, what do you think about it all, and of me?”Celeste picked up her wine glass and sipped it, then toyed with it for a few moments, her face alive with eroticism, then responded, “Damn, honey, it sounds like we have a couple of real live wire dates joining us for lunch today and, if you don’t mind sharing them with me, we can have ourselves one hell of a spontaneous, secret sex bachelorette party, tonight.”“My god, Celeste, do you know what you are saying,” Cindy asked incredulously? “You would be adding another layer of incest to the equation, by doing it with your own nephews?” “I know, but it sounds so wickedly delicious, especially since they are so very, very bad,” Celeste said, taking another long swig of pleasing champagne.MY FIANCE IS A CHEATING BASTARD:She put her glass down and announced, “Now it’s my turn to confess something, to you, darling.”“My fiancé is a womanizer of the first order, and he cheats on me constantly.”“I have put up with it for a long time, but I am at a point where I think that I deserve some cheating action of my own.”“His philandering is so bad that I have been tempted to cancel the wedding.His continuous, non-stop running around with other women is an unforgivable insult to me.”Being one of the women who Frankie had been trying to cheat on Celeste with, the understanding Cindy tried to offer some glimmer of hope by saying, “Well, maybe he is just having a last fling, and then he will be faithful to you after you are married.”“No honey, believe me, his behavior is not going to change. This is just the way he is, and the womanizing will never, ever stop,” Celeste stated, matter of factly.“Well then, why ‘are’ you marrying him,” Cindy asked?“I don’t know, really. Perhaps it is because the wedding plans have gone too far to back out of them, at this late date.”“Or, more probably, it is because his family is so rich, and they have spoiled me so much, that I am at a point where I don’t want to give up the privileges of wealth.”“I know that Frankie actually cares for me in his own sick, twisted way, but I also know that what he mainly wants is a beautiful, blonde, Anglo trophy wife to have on his arm in public and socially.”“You don’t know this, and you can’t tell anyone else, ever, Frankie’s father is a Mafia Chief, the head of the West Coast crime family, and Frankie is his right hand man.”“Being an Italian mobster, Frankie is going to go through life with a hard-on for every good looking woman he sees.” “Through all of this sorry state of affairs, the one thing I do know for sure is that I am beginning to truly despise him for being such a cheating bastard.”She picked up her glass, again, took a quick drink, then pointed it at Cindy and said, “As beautiful as you are, hell, I’ll bet he has even hit on you?”Cindy, startled by the unexpected accusation, looked at her sister-in-law for a minute, and then finally admitted, “Well yes, as a matter of fact, he has.”“More than once, I suppose,” Celeste questioned, taking another sip? “Yes, more than once,” Cindy confirmed.Celeste emptied her glass down her throat then, with a scowl, said, “And to top it all off, he is going out to his late night bachelor parties that are scheduled for the next two nights, and I know that he and his buddies are going to be having an orgy with some expensive, movie starlet whore, that they have imported specially for the occasion.”“It just isn’t fair, Cindy.Mafia kingpin or not, he shouldn’t be able to get away with all of this.There should be equal justice, somehow.Just because he is a dangerous criminal, shouldn’t mean that he is able to get away with being unfaithful to me.”“So what are you really going to be able to do about it, under these dangerous circumstances,” Cindy asked?Celeste refilled their champagne glasses, then picked hers up and clicked it against Cindy’s, and announced, “I am going to marry Frankie and become his Mafia Princess.”“Then I am going to put up with his philandering until my five year prenup expires, and I become a 50-50 owner in everything Frankie has.”“Then I am going to put my law degree to good use by divorcing the rotten bastard and getting a big settlement from the family, on the way out,” she said, with the cunning, revengeful smile of a woman who had been crossed too often.She added, “Frankie thinks that I am a typical beautiful dumb blonde, because I look like one and choose to act like one.”“I put on this breathless Marilyn Monroe show for everyone because it gets me everything I want.But he is going to find out that I’m not as dumb as he thinks I am,” she said with a vengeful laugh.“But, for right now, I want to finish flirting with you until the boys get here, then I want to have some fun turning on my two thoroughly naughty nephews, while we are having lunch.”“Then we are going to go back to your hotel suite, where I am going to throw my own private bachelorette party, tonight, with your two sons providing the cocks and the action for both of us.” “Based on what you have told me, I am very anxious to find out how really perverted and sexually skilled my two nephews really are.”“If my husband-to-be is out banging some whores during the next two nights, then I should at least get to have my own little sex party and have some wild and dirty fun, too, don’t you think,” she asked with a wicked smile?“My god,” Cindy exclaimed, “you don’t know what you are letting yourself in for. The two of them are unbelievably aggressive and raunchy, and you will be getting yourself into a level of debauchery that will be much more depraved than you could ever imagine.”“Oh, don’t worry honey; I am a big and more experienced girl than you think I am. I have let myself go with two men before, and I enjoyed the hell out of it.”“You are going to find out tonight that I really like being a very bad girl.Plus I would love to get to lie beside you while we both get sported by your two handsome sons.”“I bet the boys would love to put us in a 69 stack sandwich and fuck us from both ends, at the same time, don’t you,” she asked, with a playful giggle?“I would love to see, hear and feel you getting that outrageously stacked body of yours ravished by my nephews, while I am getting the same thing, at the same time.”“Hell, maybe I can help you find out if their cum really is an aphrodisiac to you.If it is, I may want to borrow some of it and use it on you myself.”“Wow, Celeste, you are sounding as bad as the boys.But what would happen if Frankie ever found out about all of this,” Cindy asked, with concern?“What action do you think he would take if he discovered that you have been unfaithful to him.How much danger would there be for you,” Cindy asked? Celeste reached out and grasped her hand, and said, “Well, I am sure that Frankie would be madder than hell, and I know that he is certainly capable of doing absolutely anything.”“But, I want to get the ultimate revenge on him by letting your sons ball me, so we are just going to have to make real sure that Frankie never finds out about my bachelorette party escapade.”Celeste then waived over Luther and said, “Now that the crowd is diminishing, I would like you to move us to that table over by the far window.We have two other guests joining us and we want to have all of the privacy we can get.”Soon they were seated in the remotest section of the restaurant, where they were mostly hidden from the view of the other diners.THE BACHELORETTE PARTY CUCOLDERS ARRIVE: While getting fitted with their tuxes, Jerry and Larry had spent their time in the company of Frankie Basilio, Celeste’s fiancé, and several of his friends/ushers. They had been treated like they were kids and had to endure to the group’s loud and obnoxious behavior, especially Frankie’s.He turned out to be the most unlikeable, overbearing, pure asshole they had ever met.Several times during the tux fitting they had felt like telling their aunt’s fiancé to go fuck himself, but had kept their cool, as their mother had ordered.They survived the insulting ordeal and, fuming mad, they had gotten in the limo and were driven to the restaurant where they were to meet their aunt and mother. The driver couldn’t hear them, so Jerry said, “Jesus, what a fuckin’ blowhard Aunt Celeste’s fiancé is.”“Hell, when we met her this morning, I wanted to fuck her because she was so god damned gorgeous and sexy, but now I want us to fuck her in order to rub that Italian prick’s nose in it, by cuckolding the hell out of him.” “Man, as soon as we get to the restaurant, lets’ start putting the moves on our superbly stacked aunt and see if we can get her to let us bang her today.”“If we are successful, we can pump our semen so deep into her pussy that Frankie will have to plow through the remains of our spunk when he sticks his dick in her on his wedding night.”Larry responded, “Damn, Bro, do you really think that we have a chance of getting her to let us do her.”“Shit, from what I saw of her this morning, we have a hell of a good shot at fucking her.The Cunt had a real gleam in her eyes that told me that she was looking for some real hot sex action, right now.” At that moment, the limo pulled up to the restaurant and they got out and went inside, where a waiter guided them back to their aunt’s table.As they approached they could see that both of the waiting females had the hems of their skirts hiked up to their crotches, and their legs were crossed.Their position fully displayed their legs, and presented a broadside view of their mother’s bare upper thigh flesh and garter straps, as well as the tops of her designer nylons.The gorgeous women looked like two spectacularly built, shameless, party time bimbos, who were out on the prowl for a good fuck.They were sitting across from each other, parallel to the ocean view windows, so the two boys took the chairs on each side of the super hot looking babes.As they sat down, Celeste told Luther to bring them a bottle of champagne, and set it up in an ice bucket next to the table.AN UNDER THE TABLE VARIATION OF A GLORY-HOLE SUCK:When the waiter departed, Celeste immediately leaned forward, towards Jerry, fully displaying the top half of her enormous boobs to him, before she grasped his chin in her hand, and gave him a very wet, deep tongued kiss.Then she turned the other way and did the same to Larry.Her tongue was so long that Larry could have sworn that the tip of it was licking his tonsils.She then leaned back and said, “Your mother has been telling me all about you two boys and the sexual games you’ve been making her play with you.”She gave each of their cheeks a mock slap, and scolded, “You should be ashamed of yourselves for what you have been doing to her, and for threatening to show her porn movie to the wrong people, to make her agree to continue having sex with you.”“But, putting all that aside for the moment, what I really want to know, right now, is whether or not you two want to attend a private bachelorette party that I am planning for tonight?”“The party will consist of just the four of us, and its theme will be that you guys do to both of us, exactly what you’ve been doing to your mother since yesterday.”Even the hard edged twins were taken aback by their aunt’s completely unexpected carnal proposition, but only for a moment.Jerry reached under the tablecloth and put a hand on Celeste’s thigh, then ran it right up to her crotch and started stroking her clit, as he responded,“After meeting your prick of a fiancé, today, we wouldn’t miss your party for anything.”“And we promise that we will nail both of your asses, real good, and cuckold the hell out of your asshole fiancé, as well as your brother.”Celeste looked at Cindy, and said, “Damn, girl, these two are just what you advertised them to be,” as she reached both of her hands under the table, found the boy's cocks.When she got a firm grip on them both, she groaned with surprise and blurted out, “Damn, Cindy, no wonder you gave it up to my nephews so easily, these are the biggest cocks I have ever felt.”After several more squeezes, Celeste exclaimed, “Oh god, all of this is making me so hot that I feel like I need a cock in me right this minute.”Never at a loss, especially when it came to taking advantage of a woman’s willingness to give it up, Jerry looked at his voluptuous aunt and said, “Well, why don’t you and mother take turns crawling under the table and givingus blow jobs, and really get your party started off right.”“This table cloth hangs almost to the floor so, sitting where we are, you can do it without anyone being able to see you.”“With you under there, on your knees, eating cocks and pussy, it will be a variation of the glory-hole, blind cock sucking game.”Celeste looked at Cindy and said, “Wow, honey, these two sons of yours really do have some wonderfully kinky ideas for bringing out the absolute worst in a girl, don’t they?”“God, do they ever,” Cindy agreed, swallowing hard.Celeste quickly said, “I’m game if you are, honey.It sounds like a delightfully wicked way to kick-off my bachelorette party, and Frankie certainly deserves to have me cuckold him this way.”Larry looked at Cindy and asked, “Well, mother, are you ready to do your part to get the party rolling?”Even though she was more that a little worried about the Mafia connection, the thought of doing a modified glory hole game brought her around, so she sighed, and said, “Yes I am, dammit,” as she felt her pussy get that promiscuous tingle she was becoming so used to, again.Jerry rubbed his hands together and asked, “Okay, ladies, who’s going to get under there first, and eat our meat?”Celeste replied hastily, “I will.Your mother is already way ahead of me with you two, so I want to try and catch up.”Just then Luther returned with the champagne,久久精品国产精品亚洲色婷婷 set up the ice bucket stand, then poured only the two women’s glasses full, since their companions were definitely underage.As soon as Luther was through pouring, Celeste handed him a hundred dollar bill and said, “Darling we need a few minutes of private time.I’ll buzz when we need you to come back.”The well bribed, anxious to please, waiter, pocketed the money, with a knowing smile.When he was gone, the hot pair of wanton women picked up their glasses and Celeste toasted, “Here’s to the best bachelorette party, ever.”She took a long swig of the bubbly, then put down the glass and said to Cindy, “Spread your legs, honey because, while I’m under there sucking your son’s cocks, I’m going to eat some of your pussy, too.”Celeste looked at each of the boys and asked, “Now which one of you gets to cum in my mouth.”The boys thought about it for a second, and then Jerry said, “Get your damned lucky quarter out again, Larry.He did, and he won, again.”CELESTE’S UNDER THE TABLE ORAL SEX TOUR:Their totally turned on aunt then looked around to make sure that nobody could see her, then slide gracefully out of sight under the long table cloth that was going to be hiding her illicit, quasi-glory hole activities.Once underneath, and on her knees, she unzipped each of the twin’s pants, pulled out their very heavy duty orifice pluggers, and then drooled at the unbelievable sight.The three people sitting at the table heard their sex provider say a single, emphatic, resounding, “Wow.”With a cock on each side of her head, and a pussy right in front of her face, Celeste turned her attention to Jerry’s oversized sausage, and began kissing and burnishing its huge head with her tongue, like it was a chrome trailer hitch.She then paused and faced her sister-in-law’s lap, and quickly buried her face between the luscious, spread thighs, and sank her teeth into the throbbing clit that was covered by the silken crotch of Cindy’s purple panties.Then her mouth started making trips around to each lap, giving professional level head to the cocks and munching on Cindy’s oozing, camel toed crotch, like she was consuming her last meal.It was so quiet at the table that the sitters could clearly hear the talented mouth slurping loudly as it performed its randy oral adventure.The only thing that anyone would have noticed, if they had been in position to observe the table, was that every so often one of the members of the party would close their eyes for awhile, and squirm in their seats as though they were entering a deep trance.At one point, while Celeste was feasting on Cindy’s snatch, the boys looked across at each other and Larry said, “Damn, Bro, you sure guessed right on this one.Can our aunt suck a dick, or what?”Then he paused for a few seconds as he felt his cock being sucked back into Celeste’s mouth, again, then continued, “She is certainly in the same cocksucking class that mother is in.Man, tonight’s party going to be fantastic with these two amateur whores providing the sexual entertainment.”Jerry didn’t answer because his eyes had closed again, as he felt his cock get greedily sucked across his aunt’s hot tongue, on its way deep down into her throat.After getting everyone licked and sucked into full heat, Celeste turned her full attention to Larry’s saliva glistening, precum oozing, monster prick.She shifted her position so that she was facing his lap, then pressed her face forward and deep throated herself on the first gulp.That pro level dong swallowing feat was accompanied by Larry’s groan of, “Sweet Jesus.” She had not only forced her nephew’s entire sword down her throat, he could feel her tongue work its way out from between his cock shaft and her lips and start tickling his balls, too.Larry, with his eyes like saucers, said to his brother, “Christ, Bro, for Aunt Celeste to be able to give this kind of head, she must have been doing more than just working on her law degree, while she was away at college.”Larry moaned some more and squirmed in his chair, as Celeste pulled her mouth off of his cock, grabbed it in her hand, held it straight up, then sucked his boulder sized balls into her mouth, and started tonguing them.A couple of minutes later Larry grunted in heat, louder and longer this time, as he reached under the table and grabbed Celeste’s head in his hands.He then positioned it so that her lips were wrapped around the ridge of his cockhead and only the head, itself, was in her mouth.When he had her ready, he began pumping what seemed to his totally turned on aunt, to be a cup of cum into her mouth.Her mouth being used by her nephew as a cum receptacle, Celeste felt the first spurt of teenage joy juice shoot into her mouth and coat her tongue.The next one splattered against the back of her throat, almost gagging her, before she skillfully captured it in her mouth.By the fourth cum shot, her tongue was floating in the pool of cum that was dammed up behind her teeth.Two ejaculations later, cum was beginning to ooze out from around her nephew’s super thick shaft, creaming her lips as it proceeded to flow slowly down her chin.When her nephew was through firing his cum shots into her mouth, Celeste happily chugalugged down all of Larry’s load of thick, incestuous spunk.Her mission complete, when she heard Jerry announce that the coast was clear, she slithered back up into her chair, licking her semen glistening lips, then using her index finger to push the cum that was on her chin, up into her mouth.Then she stuck the index finger in her mouth and sucked it clean, before she swallowed one more time.Then the boys watched their aunt lean across the table and French kiss their mother, letting her get a full taste of the flavor of Larry’s jism. When that long, passionate kiss was concluded, Celeste saw Jerry look at his mother and point under the table with his middle finger, then say, “You’re next sweet cheeks, so get yourself under there and give me some much needed relief.”CINDY’S NEAR GLORY-HOLE TYPE FEAST:The overly stimulated Cindy quickly disappeared from sight.On her knees, she grabbed both cocks in her hands and the first thing she did was lick up the cum that was still dribbling from the slit in Larry’s king sized cockhead.Next she looked at Celeste’s V’d thighs and discovered that her sister-in-law had pulled the crotch of her panties aside so that she could get right at her bare, fleshy gash and wet cuntal lipsCindy did what Celeste obviously wanted her to do and stuck her tongue into the pink, puffy-lipped slit, and diddled her with it.When her tongue was thickly coated with her sister-in-law’s creamy cuntal juices, she turned her attention to Jerry’s rigid member and, not to be outdone by her sister-in-law, rammed his cock fully down her throat and worked her tongue out and licked his balls with it.Cindy then released Jerry’s cock and moved her head back between Celeste’s thighs again, when she heard the waiter return.Celeste smiled at Luther, and said, “Why don’t you bring us the menus and we’ll order.”When Luther returned with the menus, Cindy was eating her pussy so loudly that Celeste clamped her thighs together, trapping her sister-in-law’s face against her crotch, in order to keep the noise down while the three of them looked the menus over.Since she had no other alternative available, Cindy continued to root her tongue around in Celeste’s snatch, making her fellow glory-holer squirm, while the trio made their food selections.Celeste, while she continued to get her pussy eaten, waived the smiling Luther forward and they placed their orders, including Cindy’s.After Luther left, Celeste relaxed her thighs and let Cindy shift her mouth back onto Jerry’s highly charged dick, which was about ready to explode.Jerry reached under the table and grabbed his mother by the hair and told her, “Alright you gorgeous slut, now suck hard and get ready swallow cum.”The hot mother really got with it and her son was soon emptying his balls into her suctioning oral cavity.While his prick fucked her mouth, she expertly captured each cum shot and let her mouth fill up with her son’s spunk, each strong ejaculation firing between her teeth and churning up the cum that was already flooding her mouth.In spite of her skill, some of Jerry’s sperm juice escaped and ran down her chin the down onto her neck.When his gun was empty, Jerry felt his mother gulp down his entire cum load, in one huge swallow.His face fucked mother then paused and enjoyed the feeling of her son’s hot, thick fluid flowing down into her belly.She let the massive meatpole slip out of her mouth, then came out from under the table and sat back in her seat.Celeste leaned across the table and licked her sister-in-law froth covered lips, then her chin and neck, and finished by French kissing her, lustily.While they waited for the food to come, the two very pleased women drank some wine to freshen their mouths, then kissed their male companions on the cheek in appreciation of the magnificent size of their cocks and the huge volumes of their cum loads, and then recoated their lips with fresh lipstick. With the rest of the orgying bachelorette party upper most in the minds of the four hot diner’s, the meal was hurriedly consumed.Since the two females had already drunk their creamy desserts, before lunch had been consumed, the check was quickly obtained and paid.They all got up and started walking towards the entrance.When they were fully in front of the remaining restaurant audience the two, belly full of cum jezebels, put on a final prick teasing strut show that drew a round of applause from the remaining, mostly male viewers..Outside, Celeste’s Jaguar was brought up and, with the assistance of the eager valets; the two women were helped into their car seats, with another upskirt display of frills and hot thigh flesh.All the way back to the hotel, the boys felt up theirsuper heated, superbly stacked female relatives, keeping them hotter than hell, and anxious to continue the bachelorette party debauchery.UNEXPECTED VISITORS: At the hotel, once they were inside of the empty elevator, the boys renewed their amorous exploration of both of their close relative’s voluptuous bodies, and continued to do so all the way down the hall to the door to their mother’s suite, where they all stumbled inside, hot to trot. The two, more than ready to stick their meat intotheir aunt, boys, led their steaming hot, anxious to be fucked, aunt, through the connecting door between the living room of the suite, and their room. Cindy followed them in and, as the boys got Celeste between them and started pulling up her skirt and peeling off her panties, Cindy decided that it would be prudent of her to go back into the living room and put a “do not disturb” sign on the entry door to the suite, so that none of the hotel staff would walk in on them, unexpectedly. She went back through the interconnecting door and immediately heard a knock on the front door of the suite.She pulled the connecting door shut behind her, then undulated over to the entrance door to the suite, and opened it.To her shock, standing in front of her were Celeste’s Mafia fiancé, Frankie, and his sinister looking brother Carlos.Smiling broadly, Frankie said, “Hi, Cindy!Celeste told me that you two were having lunch together today, and then would be returning to the hotel to spend the rest of the day together.So, since we were in the neighborhood, Carlos and I decided to stop by and say hello to you.”Knowing that her two boys were right next door, probably already sticking their cocks into Frankie’s bride-to-be’s body, her heart almost jumped up into her throat. With her mind racing a mile-a-minute, she immediately decided that she had to get these two dangerous crime family members away from hotel suite, as quickly as possible.Swallowing hard, she blurted out, “Well Celeste was here, Frankie, but she has left for a little while.”She reached out and clasped his hands in hers, gushing, “I am so glad to see you again and, since you are here, I would love for you to take me down to the hotel bar and buy me a drink.” Boldly looking her spectacular body up and down, the drooling Frankie responded, “Great idea, baby.Carlos and I would like nothing better that to buy you some drinks and spend our time getting to know everything about you.” She grabbed her purse and quickly exited the suite, closing the door firmly behind them, then walk swiftly to the elevators, where she hastily pushed the down button.Knowing that the two horny, womanizing Wops were following closely behind her, she put on an extra special ass swinging display for them, in order to keep their minds completely focused on her body, and their insatiable desire to fuck it.The two swarthy Mafioso’s followed her into the elevator and continued ogling her ripe body, while she was trying to decide what she should do next.When the elevator reached the 2nd floor, they let her lead them to the mezzanine level hotel bar, while they continued to admire her spectacular ass, as it swayed back and forth in front of them, provocatively.Once inside the dimly lit bar, they were seaated around a small circular table, then ordered a round of martinis.The the two eager whoremongers began chatting with her and making their initial play at trying to get her to agree to let them fuck her.As she sipped the hard liquor, her mind was churning.Looking at the two dark skinned hoods, she realized that she had never been with guys who wanted to fuck her as badly as these two obviously did, and she knew that their lust for her body gave her an initial advantage over her dangerous and horny pursuers.Their suggestive small talk gave her time to collect her thoughts, and she soon determined that, for Celeste and the boys to be perfectly safe, she needed to get these two mob thugs out of the hotel, and then keep them fully occupied all the rest of the evening, so that they wouldn’t start looking for Celeste, and maybe catching the boys fucking her.The longer they sat in this bar overlooking the lobby, the higher the chance that Celeste and the boys might venture downstairs looking for her, to find out why she had so abruptly disappeared, without saying a word.But at least she knew that they wouldn’t do that until after the trio had finished their first round of hot sex at Celeste’s, spur of the moment, secret bachelorette sex party.As the two obnoxiously confident gang leaders aggressively zeroed in on her, the conversation got very hot, and it led Cindy to ask Frankie, “Are you looking forward to having a last fling at your bachelor parties tonight and tomorrow night?”Frankie responded, “Yes I am but, to tell you the truth, what Carlos and I would really like to do is have a pre-bachelor sex party session with you, starting right this minute.” Frankie’s bold proposition that she agree to go with them and be the sex entertainment at an impromptu private, pre-bachelor party this evening, had suddenly provided her with a perfect solution to the very worrisome problem she was facing.Well, at least it was a perfect way to protect Celeste and the boys from being discovered by these two hardcore mobsters.For her part, it meant that she was going to have to put out for these very unsavory characters, who she well knew had no regard for women at all, except as cock receptacles to be callously used and debauched, without mercy.But, in this risk filled situation that she was trapped in, she was more than willing to suffer the probable, demeaning sexual consequences that she assumed would result from accepting Frankie’s proposition, in order to protect Celeste and the boys.OFFERING HER BODY AS BAIT:Making her move to set her necessary course of action in motion, a step that would get them quickly out of the hotel, Cindy coyly responded, “Celeste told me that your family owns a bar here in Santa Barbara.Why don’t you take me there for the next drink, and then you can tell me what kind of partying you guys want to do with me.”Frankie’s face broke out in a broad grin of conquest when he heard her suggestive reply and, as he urgently signaled for the check, said, “You’re on, baby, lets go over to our place and continue this conversation.”While he was dealing with paying the bar bill, she excused herself and went to the ladies room where she called her hotel room on her cell phone.After several rings Jerry answered, panting heavily.Cindy said, “It’s me and I only have a moment to talk.Something very important has come up so you three are going to have to go on with the bachelorette party without me for awhile.So have fun and I’ll see you later on tonight.”Jerry gasped, “Okay, mother, sorry you’re missing all the fun.Aunt Celeste is turning out to be one hot, horny sexpot.She really loves to get fucked.”“But hurry on back because Larry and I want to watch you and Aunt Celeste put on a girl-on-girl show for us tonight.”A few minutes later she was sitting between the two dark skinned, oily brothers, in the front seat of a Mercedes 600, as they took the short trip to the family’s bar.Her short, tight skirt was practically up to her crotch, fully exposing the purple, frilly tops of her nylons, as well as the straining garter straps, and plenty of succulent thigh flesh.Frankie’s arm was draped around her shoulders, with his hand resting on her left breast, fondling it, while Carlos had his right hand resting on the top of her left thigh, stroking it. She was very relieved to finally be safely away from the hotel, but now she was faced with the reality of having to perform, sexually, for these two cocky, womanizing brutes.Carlos pulled up in front of an old speakeasy type saloon, and they escorted her inside, where she was seated between them, in a circular booth.While they were ordering drinks, she eyed the overbearing, dark suited, Sicilian mob lieutenants, and knew that, once they got control of her body, they were going to use her like she was a $10 whore.There was no question that Frankie wasn’t giving Celeste a single thought as he and his brother’s attention was fully focused on getting into her panties, big time.Sizing them up she thought that Frankie might be full of himself, and rotten to the core, but as least he was good-looking, in an evil, sleazy sort of way.His brother was another matter, altogether.He looked the part of a glowering, hard-edged Mafia henchman, and every thing about him made her skin crawl.But, like it or not, she had baited them with her body, and soon she was going to have to take on their cocks and let them have their dirty fun with her.And she knew that she had to keep them entertained with her body, and act like she was enjoying everything they were doing to her, until it was time for them to leave for tonight’s bachelor party, whenever that might be.Licking her lips, nervously, she could still taste the residue of Jerry’s, under the table cum shots, that she had swallowed within the last hour.That taste reminded her of how thankful she should be to her sons for having put her through all of the dirty sex acts they had committed during the last 24 hours.After those very randy sessions, at least she wasn’t going to be shocked by what these two creepy hoods did to her this evening.The devilish twins had fully broken her in for the nasty task at hand.As she nervously girded herself for their coming sexual assault, to her astonishment, as apprehensive as she was about making out with these two Wops, she found that she actually had a real sexual buzz on.She began to wonder if Jerry’s cum actually was acting as an aphrodisiac, the way he claimed it did.Certainly something had her boiling hot, in spite of the very demeaning circumstances she found herself in.So maybe Jerry was right after all.When the first round of martinis had been consumed another one came right behind it.Thankfully, as the liquor warmed her belly, it also added more fuel to her sexual heat, further igniting her willingness to perform for these two overbearing, merciless Mafia beasts.After her first swallow of the second drink, she leaved forward at the waist and demurely asked Frankie to tell her what kind of partying he wanted her to do.His response to her question was to start feeling her up and getting her ready for the first step into the debauchery they had in mind for her.By the time she had downed the rest of her drink, they had her tits out and her thighs spread and were boldly playing with her clit, pussy and nipples.When they reached the point where they knew that she was fully ready to put out to them, Frankie slid closer, grasped her chin in his hand, pressed his lips against hers, then shoved his tongue between her teeth and Frenched her, while Carlos slipped two fingers into her heated twat and began finger fucking her, while he strummed her clit with his thumb.Frankie finally pulled his tongue out of her mouth and said, “Damn, you prick teasing wench, I have been wanting to screw you ever since the first time I saw you.”“You resisted all my passes at you, but now it is time for you to come across and started putting out for Carlos and me, and let us give you a real Italian cock whipping.”She heard the threat, but she was now so hot that she was more than ready to take whatever these two bozos wanted to give her.To close the deal, she cooed in his ear, “You can take me any time you want, Frankie, and I promise that I will give you both a very hot ride, for as long as you want.”“God damn, baby, that’s just what I have been wanting to hear from you for the last two years.”“Now, since we have such a limited amount of time before we have to leave for tonight’s bachelor’s party, we are going to give it to you right here in the restaurant, Godfather style.”GIVING UP TAIL IN THE MEN’S ROOM:He stood up, grabbed her by the arm and literally dragged her out of the booth, then led her down a dark hall to the door to a men’s room.He put his hand on the door knob and said to his brother, “You keep everybody out of here while I fuck her pussy, then I’ll do the same for you while you ass fuck her.”His brother nodded his head, with a wickedly evil grin, then watched Frankie open the door to the John and shoved their trophy cunt inside.The room was extremely small and only contained a crapper and a small wash basin.There was a full mirror over each.Frankie grasped her by the shoulders and spun her around placing her back against the closed door, then said, “Pull your panties off, slut, and stuff them in your mouth.”While she was complying with his order, he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, then let them, and his boxer shorts drop down around his ankles.Then he leaned down and ran his arms between her legs, hooked them under her knees, then lifted her up and shoved her back against the flimsy men’s room door.He ordered, “Now reach down between us and guide my cock into your pussy, you gorgeious bitch.”She grasped his penis and could feel that it was quite a bit shorter than her son’s two major league howitzers, but was of above average length and thickness.She placed its dark head against the wet lips of her hungry vagina and, to her amazement, felt that it was more than ready to be violated.Her snatch was immediately put into play as Frankie thrust his rigid dong up into her hot, slippery channel, getting at least a third of it in on the first try.Several hip humps later he was in her, ball deep, and she heard him groan, “God damn it you fuckin’ hot assed bimbo, you feel even better that I thought you would.Shit, you damn sure come equipped with one hell of a hot, tight box.”Now completely in control of her, Frankie started pounding his boner up her cuntal passage, hard, each thrust smashing her hips and ass cheeks against the thin door, with resounding splats, each one bringing a moan from her panty muffled mouth.Outside of the shaking door two patrons of the bar walked up to use the head.One of them said to Carlos, “Shit, man, what in the hell is going on in there, is your brother beating somebody up?”Carlos replied, “No, Frankie is in there getting him a piece of fresh tail from some poor slob’s cheating wife.It’s going to take him awhile to finish fucking her, so you guys are going to have to use the upstairs head.”“We’ll do that, buddy, but can we stand here and listen to the Cunt get it, first.Damn, he is really plowing the bitch, but good, so good that, if it’s okay with you, we’d like to wait here so we can see what the slut looks like, who’s getting it put to her like that.”“Sure, be my guest.Hell, I am going to ass fuck her next, so you guys are welcome to stay and listen to her take it up the ass, too,” Carlos laughed.Cindy’s mouth was slack, and she was panting passionately through her panties.She hadn’t had it standing up like this since she was in high school, and she was finding out, again, that it was just as enjoyable this time as it had been then.As her stocked pussy was getting brutally hammered and reamed out, she could feel her cuntal juices oozing down onto the lips of her vagina, then running down onto Frankie’s balls.While that was happening, Celeste’s fiancé was yelling filthy, demeaning insults at her that were successfully making her even hotter.Frankie was as strong as a bull and was able to give it to her full bore, non-stop and, as a result her hot, juicy twat was being totally ravaged, and stretched.As her pussy was being savagely forked, she began humping her ass wildly in response.She had to admit to herself that Frankie might be a cheating bastard but, so far, he was proving that he certainly knew how to put the meat to a woman, and get her full attention.After many more minutes of getting her pussy plundered, she heard the Mafia son growl, “Oh, god damn it, you fuckin’ Anglo slut, I’m getting ready to blow my nuts off in you.”Shortly, in a cloud of profanity, Cindy felt Frankie’s fat gun go off inside of her boiling hot vagina, firing volley after volley of thick, hot Italian spunk up into her thoroughly ravished channel.When he finally finished her off, he let her legs slowly slip out of his arms, until she was standing on her stiletto heels, panting, with his cum oozing out of her prick pleaser, and flowing down the insides of her lush thighs and onto the purple tops of her frilly nylons.Frankie then turned her around, pushed her ass up against the wash bowl, and ordered, “Pull your panties out of your mouth and use them to wipe the cum off of my prick and balls.”She did as she was told, and when his crotch was cum free, he ordered her to stick the soiled purple panties back in her mouth.As she was pushing her sticky panties back into her mouth, the gratified Wop opened the door and stepped out into the hallway.ANAL – IZED IN THE TOILET:As he disappeared from view, she found herself looking directly at Carlos and a half a dozen other guys.Her tits were out of the top of her dress, the hem of her skirt was up around her waist, and her lower body, from waist to the tops of her nylons, was naked.She heard one of the goggle eyed bar patrons exclaim, “God damned, Carlos, you two guys have bagged yourselves a real beauty queen this time.”Another one chimed in, “Holy shit, what a body!That’s the damndest stack of curves I have ever seen.Man, does she ever look fantastic standing there, fresh fucked.”Carlos stepped into the tiny room saying, “Boys, now it is my turn with the gorgeous, cheating MILF whore.And since you have been waiting to look at her for so long, I am going to leave the door open and let you watch me ass fuck the slut.”He grasped her by the waist and moved her into position, then bent her forward over the vinyl lidded, porcelain crapper.He had her push the thin, open ended lid down, then grasp the sides of it in each hand, so that she could balance herself while he took her anally, from behind.“Okay, you gorgeous cunt, you have an audience for this back door fucking you are fixing to get, so I am going to move aside a little and give the guys a good look at your ass, before I shove my cock up it,” Carlos explained, letting the staring men get a good look at her body, and her half ravished crotch.One of the watchers, blurted out, “Damn Carlos, Kim Kardashian would kill to have an ass like this bitch as got.Go ahead and stuff your cock up it, and let us see how the bimbo looks in action.”Another guy piped up, “Oh man, is this ever going to be something to watch. Seeing this gorgeous, cheating hottie getting it up the ass is going to blow my mind.”Damn, it I ever got a shot at that stuff, the rest of my life would be bleak and meaningless.”Carlos had her spread her feet a few inches apart, while he dropped his clothing on top of his shoes.Then he grasped his big cock in his hand and guided it into her wide open, oozing pussy, and immediately shoved it completely home.She could feel that it was a little bigger that Frankie’s, but was much smaller than Jerry’s and Larry’s super sized woman pleasers.As she felt the Italian cock go into her, she thought that both of her son’s 10 inch monsters were probably inside of Celeste’s orifices, right this minute, sending her to the moon.Letting herself get forked in this small men’s crapper, this way, she certainly hoped that Celeste would thank her for doing what she was doing, just so she could safely get reamed out, to her heart’s content, by her two son’s massive peckers, at her bachelorette party.Meanwhile Carlos fucked the cum filled snatch a few times, in order to get his cock coated with natures best lubricant,then he pulled it out and placed its head against her anus, and jammed it half way in on the first thrust of his hips.This abrupt penetration of her tight rear channel brought a loud groan from her panty filled mouth, as well as applause from the crowd of onlookers.That groan was followed by several more, as Carlos wasted no time, or effort, in vigorously plowing the hell out of her gradually gaping back door chute.Soon the guys grouped right outside the open door, were both watching the randy action, and hearing the loud splats of Carlos’s pelvic area smacking against the MILF’s magnificent ass cheeks.Like his brother, Carlos was using foul language to urge her on to greater depths of anal depravity, while he slapped her superbly rounded, and very taut ass cheeks, with both hands. A few minutes later, panting like crazy, and drooling into her panties, she felt Carlos’s prick begin to quiver, then felt it get driven in to full depth, where it discharged the first spurt of Mafia spunk into her now well reamed rear channel. By the time he was through hosing down her rear passage cock holder, she could feel his cum surging out of her anus and joining with his brother’s jism as they both ran down her lush thighs. When every drop of Mafia spunk had been ejaculated into her well stretched anal passage, Carlos grabbed her by the back of her hair, pulled her up straight, then got the panties out of her mouth and used them to wipe off his cock before he gave them to her to put back on, together.THE BIG BOSS:She slipped the damp, sticky purple panties back on, thankful that the two brothers weregoing to be leaving soon for Frankie’s bachelor’s party, and that Celeste and her nephew’s incestuous bachelorette sex party would then be safe from discovery by her cheating fiancé.As she wondered what arrangements were going to be made to take her back to the hotel, Frankie took her by the arm and pulled her out of the men’s room, and said, “I promised my father that, if I ever did nail your sweet ass, I would take you to meet him, and let him get some of you, himself.Her mind in a jumble over this new, unexpected turn of events, she was taken for a twenty minute car ride by the two Mafia tricks she had just turned, for free.As they rode along, Cindy thought to herself that, even though she’d let these two crude, vile hoods fuck her, in order to save Celeste and her sons from possible harm, she could never disclose any of this to Jerry, Larry and Celeste.In spite of her noble intentions and sacrifice, none of the three would ever forgive her for letting these two Mafia brutes demean her.She would just have to be a martyr.Soon, Carlos guided the heavy car into an industrial center and parked it in front of a nondescript warehouse. They got her out of the car and led her inside, then up a flight of stairs and down a long hallway, passing body guards all along the way.When they arrived at a heavy wooden door, Frankie let them in with the swipe of a plastic card.Carlos pushed her into a spectacular reception room, then forward through another door that put them in a spacious, paneled office.Behind a huge desk sat a burly, dark skinned man, who appeared to be in his late 50’s, and who was dressed in an immaculate, expensive black suit.Frankie said, “Dad, we have brought you my soon to be sister-in-law, the super looking bimbo I have been telling you about for the last couple of years.”“Carlos and I finally got her to let us fuck her tonight.I nailed her pussy damned good, and Carlos really gave it to her up her ass, but good.”“We didn’t use her mouth, at all, wanting to save it for you to despoil.”Frankie then turned to the trophy cunt and said, “Cindy, this is my father, Big Mike Basilio.He is the head of our family and, based on my description of you, he has been wanting to meet you for a long time.So, say hello to him.”She barely got a “Hi,” out, when the father roared, “Jesus H Christ, Frankie, you weren’t kidding when you told me how gorgeous this broad was.”“But, you bastard, you didn’t describe her near well enough.Shit, I believe that this is the finest looking female specimen I have ever seen.”He got up and came around the desk, then took a tour around her body a couple of times, then said, “God damn, boys, what a perfect fuckin’ body you have brought me.That is one hell of a sex toy to play with.”Giving her another long look, he went on, “Shit, this bitch should be in Hollywood.Look at that fuckin’ ass, and has she got the damndest rack on her that you’ve ever seen, or what.”“Hell, she’s a whole lot more woman than that damned, high dollar movie star I brought here for you boys to fuck tonight.”The very impressed Mafia Don then ordered, “Pull her skirt up around her waist, Carlos.”The dutiful son bent down and slowly worked the tight skirt up over her jutting ass cheeks and perfectly curved hips, until it was all up around her waist.“Mother fucker,” the Don roared. “Look at those god damned curves.Now that is what I would call statuesque.”“Hell my Catholic Cardinal would give up celibacy, forever, to get just one crack at that stuff.”He had her do a full turn for him then, licking his lips, said, “Now that’s the way to fill out a pair of bikini panties, ain’t it?Shit, she is so hot looking that I’ve got a hard on that I could split wood with.”“Frankie, get her tits out and let me get a good look at them,” the Don barked, eagerly.His eldest son popped her wondrous melons out of the front of the stretch materialed, pale purple dress she was wearing, and left them jutting out, parallel to the floor.Big Mike groaned, “On my sainted mother’s grave, that is the finest pair of boobs I have ever seen.”The mobster-in-chief stepped forward and filled his hands with tit flesh, then stuck each of the hard nippled tips into his mouth and sucked on them, long and hard.When he finally came up for air, he pronounced, “Sum bitch, I could suck on these gazoombas all day long.” Running the palms of his hands under each tit, weighting them, he said, “Shit, boys, they are a perfectly matched set, in every way.A fat cock would feel real good parked between these two babies, getting tit masturbated.”He stepped back for a moment, then announced, “Holy fuckin’ shit, boys, I think I’m in love.I want to keep this fabulous looking cunt with me, forever, and try to fuck myself to death with her body.”“Hell, if I had met this broad thirty years ago, you two would be half Italian, and this gorgeous slut would be your mother.” Pounding his fist on the desk, he yealled, “Christ, you two assholes have committed virtual incest by fucking my future mistress, before you brought her over here.”.Then he calmed down and looked her in the eyes and said, “So my boys have given you a good fucking, and have gotten you real hot for me, have they, baby?”Not knowing what to say, she nodded, “Yes.”“Usually, when the boys find a fresh piece of prime female meat to fuck over, they bring her over here and we all break the Cunt in together.”“I love to watch my boys fuck the bitches, and give them some real deep anal.It especially gets the society babe whores in the right mood to give my cock a good, dirty sucking.”“Boy, I sure do hate that I missed out on watching them give it to you this evening, you beautiful cunt.But I must say that you really do look like they’ve got you very ready to suck cock.”“In fact, that mouth of yourslooks like it should have a cock stuck in it, all of the time.”“In your case, my two boys are damn lucky that they got a piece of you before they brought you here because, if I had had known how fantastic you look, I would never have let them stick their dicks in you at all,I would have kept you all for myself.”“But, what is done is done, and getting a real good fucking never hurt any woman, and you’re no exception.”Big Mike went back behind his desk and reached into a drawer and pulled out a small, firm pillow device, then clamped it on the edge of his desk.Then he said, “Alright, boys, hoist her up onto my desk, on her back, with the back of her head and neck resting on the pillow.”Knowing the drill, the sons quickly scooped her up and put her in place, with her skirt still up around her waist, and her tits still out on full display.The back of her head was now resting on the pillow, and was well below the level of the desktop.Her mouth was just below desktop level, and was perfectly in place to be fucked.Big Mike dropped his pants, then shuffled forward and mounted her upside down head.He grabbed his pecker in his right hand and pressed its head against her lips, then said, “Open up, you luscious prick teaser.”She did, and the Mafia Kingpin quickly humped her face, filling her mouth with very dark dong meat.He fucked her mouth a few times then groaned, “Jesus, it’s like sticking your dick into a container of hot butter.This honey really knows how to take care of a man’s sausage with her mouth.”Mike looked down into her eyes and said, “Okay, you gorgeous bimbo MILF, lets see how well you take deep throat.”In full heat, she relaxed her throat and let the Mafia Don gradually work his cock down her throat, until his large sack of balls was resting on her nose and eyes.As she watched Big Mike’s dark cock pass back and forth right in front of her eyes, she had to conclude that all of the sexual lust she was feeling had to be coming from Jerry’s aphordisiatic cum shots that she had swallowed at the restaurant.There was really no other explanation for it..She realized, “Damn that means that I am sexual toast to the boys and, apparently, they are going to be able to get me to do anything they want for them.”Resigned to this incestuous fate, she wanted to hurry back to her sister-in-law’s bachelorette party and join the fun.For the moment, she wasn’t sure what else Big Mike had in mind for her, but at least he had put her off-limits to his two sons, so at least they wouldn’t be fucking her any more.She sighed to herself, “Well, at least I’m solving one problem at a time.I’ll have to cope with Big Mike falling in love with me later.Right now, it’s just too hard to concentrate with a man shoving his cock down my throat.”Meanwhile, with a tit in each hand for additional leverage, the head of this band of hoodlums took a look down at her voluptuous body, and said, “God damn, what a view.This plush bodied bimbo Cunt is a walking porn show.Man, this is the only way to get head.”In full face fucking mode, the overheated father said, “Alright, you two young bastards, get your asses out of here and go play with your movie star, while I take care of hosing my new, private label honey.”“I want this statuesque slut to be my MILF mistress, so I’m going to make her an offer she can’t refuse.”


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