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having shot his load真人牲交视频

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having shot his load真人牲交视频

Judy chapter 3To better understand this story; please refer to the first two chapters. This story contains cheating and creampies. If you don’t like them, please stop reading. Otherwise, enjoy and please let me know your thoughts by voting and giving feedback.It has been almost two weeks since Judy’s dalliance with AJ the stove repairman. Tim, her husband, almost caught them; but he didn’t seem any wiser to it. She had unleashed her inner slut and her husband Tim was unaware. The only problem was that she was horny and it didn’t seem like Tim was going to satisfy her wants; no her needs. She initiated sex two nights ago and fucked Tim in one of his two his usual positions. That night he was in the mood for missionary position. It may have worked for him; but did little for her. After he came, he rolled over and fell asleep, as usual. She didn’t bother to clean herself up. She used his seed to lubricate her clit to orgasm before nodding off to sleep herself.The next morning, desiring to continue her sexual transformation, she began to think. Judy had read the paperwork that AJ left after the stove repair. It said something about needing to recalibrate the electric stove top burners. She read that it was a simple process and wouldn’t take much time. She hatched a plan. Although the stove was working fine, she told Tim that there was still a problem with the burners heating evenly. He suggested that she call and complain that the repairman hadn’t solved the problem and they should come back and fix it. She called and asked to schedule AJ. She also asked to have the first appointment of the day. She got both of her requests for the day after tomorrow.Judy was almost giddy with excitement. AJ had proved to be an adequate lover. Almost as important was the excitement of planning the affair and the anticipation of spending plenty of time with him.She was going to make her plan. She started with what to wear. She knew she needed to buy something special, but she had to do it without Tim’s knowledge. She went on line to see what the local shops had. She wanted something sexy and provocative and inexpensive. She would have to pay cash so there would be no credit card record for Tim to find. Using a local shop meant she could make sure it fit and wouldn’t have to rely on delivery. There were two stores at the mall in addition to Victoria’s Secret. The next day she went to the stores and looked over the options at each store. She finally settled on a light blue, nearly shear lace top and matching panties. She would skip the bra. The top showed off her perky B cup tits and nipples just enough to entice; but not be fully exposed. This, with a tight pair of jeans would show off just enough. Before she left the store, she saw a sexy, slutty pair of light blue, 5-inch patent leather pumps with stiletto heels. She may be retired, but still considered herself to be in the MILF category. She added the pumps to her wardrobe. While at the counter, she spied a shelf of toys behind the sales lady. There were dildos, vibrators and flavored lubes. Her inner slut pushed her to ask the sales lady about them. Most of the vibrators were huge. She wondered how they would fit into her. She opted for a relatively small, 6-inch battery operated rabbit vibrator. She brought them all home, washed the clothes and hid them in the bottom of her undies drawer. The pumps and vibrator went to the back of her closet. There was no way to explain it to Tim if he ever saw them.When Tim arrived home, he kept to his usual routine. Judy made no effort to break his routine let alone try to seduce him. She knew she was part of their lack of sexual fire problem. They both allowed themselves to fall into and remain in their safe sexual rut. They married young, raised kids and worked. Time didn’t allow for much sex let alone any adventure or exploring. It was easier to concentrate on kids, work and the house. They both kept in good physical shape and were attractive. But the fire was allowed to die and neither made any effort to rekindle it. Judy occasionally felt a spark but usually didn’t act upon it; maybe it was her New England Puritan upbringing. She occasionally saw and read a few erotic stories. When she got to the sex part, she blushed and avoided reading it. Damn puritanical upbringing was hard to overcome. Easier to repress the feelings; maybe she was just lazy. In any case, it was her hike alone at the lake and her meeting Jim that changed all of that. Her encounter with him poured gasoline on a spark that hasn’t gone out since. Now she was planning her third sexual adventure behind her husband’s back. She knew it was wrong. Tim was a good man, husband and father. What she wanted, needed was an exciting lover. Hopefully AJ the repairman would provide excitement.The next day was a drag that wouldn’t end. When Tim got home, it was more of the same. As she went to bed, all she could think about was tomorrow morning.When the alarm went off, Tim turned it off and lay in bed. He thought back to the time when the repairman was last here. He remembered joking with Judy about seducing the guy. He wondered if she could. He wanted her to act sexy. Over the years he wanted more from her; but was afraid to ask and didn’t know how to bring it up. He wanted more from their sex life. He was too timid and maybe even lazy and didn’t push it. It was much easier for him to bow to her lack of sexual desire and keep her happy. He doted on her in almost a platonic way. He thought that was what she wanted and he aimed to please her in this way; even if it frustrated him. Oh well, it is what it is. He rolled out of bed, showered and dressed. He started the coffee pot for Judy before he left. It was his routine, to provide for Judy and repress his own feelings.Judy heard the door close as Tim left for work. Excitement helped her spring out of bed instead of rolling back over, or indulging in a sexual fantasy. If she wasn’t expecting AJ, the repairman to arrive early, she may have tried her new vibrator. She had never used one before; but it would have to be another day to break that cherry.Judy quickly got out of bed. She pulled fresh sheets from the linen closet and put them on queen size water bed. “With what I have in store for today, I’ll have to change them again before Tim gets home,” she thought.She quickly grabbed and devoured a muffin and coffee; then headed to the shower. She took time to shave her underarms without a nick. She soaped her thick pubic curls. Maybe I should shave or at least trim them. All the hot porno sites show shaved or neatly trimmed pubes. “No, Tim would get suspicious. Maybe I need to mention it during our next sex session, whenever that may be. The thought of shaving does seem wild and sexy. It doesn’t matter; AJ fucked my hairy snatch and liked it. It’s full retro bush today.”She finished showering and dried herself. She looked in the mirror. “You know, for a retired teacher I don’t look too bad. Maybe a few pounds in the wrong places; but obviously not so bad, I had AJ aroused with just jeans and a peek down my sweatshirt. Today I’m going to rock his socks off. No, I’m going to suck his rocks off. I want that cock deep in me. I want to taste my juices mixed with his cum.”Judy went to her dresser drawer. She reached in the back and pulled out the light blue, nearly shear lace top and matching panties. She put on the panties first. Her blond/ brunette pubic curls poked through the lace. “Next time a shave is in order.” She put on the top. Without a bra, her titties and nipples were just visible through the fabric. “This should heat thinks up.” She pulled on a tight pair of jeans and finished by strapping on the 5” stilettos. “They have ‘fuck me’ written all over them. They’re sexy; but it will take some getting used to in order to walk in them. Glad I never wore them in a classroom. Anyway, most of my time will be in bed, not walking!”Judy checked the time. AJ, the repairman was due to arrive soon. She checked herself out in the full length mirror. “I would have made one hot school teacher had I worn this back in the day.” She thought to herself. She felt a moistening within her pussy. She made her way down the hall to the kitchen. Walking in the stilettos was still a new feeling. Although awkward, it made her feel slutty and wanton. She liked that!Judy went to the counter and poured herself another cup of coffee. “Maybe I’ll add a little extra,” she thought as she reached for the Kahlua. She added a capful to her coffee.She went to the living room and ignited the gas powered fireplace. “That will help set the mood.” She thought to herself. She sat in an overstuffed chair facing the fireplace with a view of the driveway. As she sipped her drink, she felt a tingling in her pelvis. She ached for AJ to fill her pussy with his cock and his cream. “Ohhh,” she thought. “Maybe I’ll save some of his cream for my next coffee. I bet that would even be richer than the Kahlua.” She felt her nipples harden with excitement.Judy’s phone buzzed. It was Tim. “I forgot to ask, when is the repairman supposed to show up?”“Between 8 and 10 this morning,” Was her reply. “Why?”“Well I thought about our joking last time about flashing him. I think it would be hot if you did. Why don’t you put on a tight, white t-shirt with no bra and let him see a little of your sexy tits?“Tim, you’re a pervert!” She exclaimed.” I couldn’t do that! I mean how could you think I would do such a thing?”“Well it was just a thought. Please forgive me. It was just a fantasy. I have a meeting in a few minutes. I’ll see you at the regular time. Love ya.” He sheepishly said, dismissing any thoughts of sparking a flame to their sex life was again extinguished.“Ok, love you too.” She blurted out.“Boy if he only knew!” She thought to herself as she sipped her coffee. A feeling of slutty excitement raced through her body. She felt a tingle between her legs as her hardened nipples pushing against her lace shirt. She checked her watch, “where is he? I want a cock in me now!”Within minutes, Judy saw a van pull into the driveway. She immediately recognized AJ. He popped out of the truck, looked around as if to be sure he wasn’t being watched, and went to the back of the van. Judy watched with anticipation hoping he would hurry inside and get to business; her business.Judy put her coffee down and rushed to the door. “Slow down girl.” She thought to herself. “This isn’t your first high school date. Take charge of yourself, and him. We’ve got a lot of time to fuck each other silly.”Judy looked through the curtains to check if any neighbors were around. “I don’t need any of them to spoil my plans.” She then opened the door, took AJ by the arm and gently pulled him in. “I hope you’re ready to fix my little oven as you did last time.” She wrapped one arm behind him and firmly squeezed his ass, her other hand pulled him into her as she kissed his cheek and said. “You’d better calibrate the burners first. Then we’ll have a little reward. Ok with you?”AJ stared at Judy’s chest. He was delighted to see her protruding nipples pushing through the sheer lace blouse. AJ’s cock stiffened and a very large smile erupted on AJs face. “Yes Judy, right away.” He immediately headed through the living room and into the kitchen while discreetly adjusting his cock that was straining in his pants.AJ rushed to the stove and took out his tools. He began to work at an accelerated pace.Judy was growing anxious. She sat at the kitchen island counter with her coffee. She felt a growing desire to strip off her clothes, lie on the kitchen island and spread her legs. She fought the urge; but felt a growing dampness in her lace panties. AJ worked diligently. Judy was growing impatient. She realized that her right hand was stroking her nipple through her blouse. Although initially shocked, she felt brazen and continued, making more obvious to tease AJ, and maybe make him complete his task sooner. She wanted his cock to be buried within her as quickly as possible. AJ worked hard to complete his task, knowing a great reward awaited him. The sooner he completed his task, the longer he could spend enjoying the carnal pleasures that awaited him. He couldn’t help but sneak peeks of Judy. He remembered how hot and slutty she was during his first repair call. She was so hot and the sex so good, but he had to leave in a rush. She all but pushed him out the door. It was a good thing because her husband arrived home as he was leaving the driveway. “How much time do I have to finish today’s service call?” He asked, hoping the double entendre would be received in a positive light.“That depends on how quickly you fix the burner. My little oven needs lots of service. You’ll have maybe 2 or 3 hours of work if you’re really good.” She replied in a coy manner.Then she added, “What I really want to do is fuck you silly!” She added with an emphasis on fuck. That got AJs full attention and created a tightening in his work pants. “In that case, I’ll be done in about 5 minutes. If it’s ok with you, could I clean up a little first? I remember your little oven very well. I’m really looking forward to repairing it completely.”“Good, cuz my ovens red hot and I’m ready for a good fucking. I’ve been waiting to get your cock back into me. Hurry and finish. You can wash up in there.”AJ completed his task, packed his tools and placed his tool box by the stove. He followed Judy to the bedroom. He remembered the unexpected joy from his first visit. He felt his cock twinge and strain against his pants. Judy took AJ by the arm and pointed him to the master bathroom. AJ turned, pulled her close and gave her a deep, wet kiss. Judy opened her mouth to receive his tongue. Her hand slid down and squeezed his cock through his pants. She remembered how good it felt when his girth filled her hot little oven. “Hurry up, there’s no time to waste!” She said as she pushed him toward the shower.AJ took the hint, stripped and turned the shower on. He quickly lathered up, rinsed and dried himself with the large towel that Judy left for him.Leaving his clothes in the bathroom, he headed for the bedroom.Judy was lying on her marital water bed dressed in her lace top, panties and stilettos. She was propped up on her elbows facing AJ. Her B-cup tits showed nicely while her erect nipples pushed through the lace fabric top. Her far leg was seductively bent upward with her foot on the bed. The other leg slightly bent forming an inviting “V” to her hot, little oven hidden beneath her lace panties. Judy felt like the hot teacher that she really was, and should have let show all these years. She felt sexy and more alive than ever. “Well, I seemed to have gotten your attention.” She said in her most seductive voice. “Your cock looks harder,美女高潮黄又色高清视频免费 bigger and even better than I remembered. Why don’t you come closer and slip it into my mouth. I want to taste you.”AJ wasted no time. He approached the bed, knelt on it and positioned himself near her head.Judy rested back against a pillow and took his stiff cock into her left hand, sliding her right hand under his soft balls. She pulled him closer, until she rubbed the head of his dick against her cheek and to her lips. She looked up into his eyes and kissed the purple head of his cock. “Mmmmm.” She moaned. She pulled him closer and let his member split her lips as if he were fucking her pussy. Judy’s lips gave way as he slid his mushroomed head into her mouth. He felt the moist heat begin to engulf his cock. She slowly pulled him closer until his full length filled her eager mouth. She slowly pulled back, allowing her teeth to gently scrape his meat. He moaned his approval. Judy continued her oral ministrations; he willingly allowed her to continue. She alternated gentle squeezes to his ball sack with firmer ones. She felt his sack tighten, filling with his hot semen.Judy could feel the heat of her cunt as her love juices flowed. Her panties were soaked. She was excited by her cocksucking; but she wanted, needed more. “I love sucking you but I need this beautiful cock in my hot little pussy. Fuck me now. Fill me with this big hard cock.” AJ didn’t hesitate. He ripped off her panties. He felt their wetness, and pulled them to his nose. He savored the aroma of her sexual desire. Then he flipped them towards the bathroom thinking he would take them as a souvenir. He shifted around, pulled a second pillow from the bed, lifted Judy and placed it under her ass. He stood at the edge of the bed and placed her calves on his shoulders. Judy’s full pubic bush, with soft curls pointed the way to her sexy vaginal lips. He gripped his cock and rubbed the head against her wet pussy lips. She moaned her approval. He wrapped his arms around her legs and pulled her towards the edge of the bed, slowly impaling her on his stiff rod. She wrapped her stiletto covered feet behind his head. He knew her excitement by the ease that his fat cock slid into her waiting hole. Her vaginal juices squished and seeped from her pussy and trickled down, coating her ass. He slowly withdrew his cock, its girth leaving a gaping hole, filled with her secretions. He plunged back in. The sound of his pulsing, fat dick splitting her cunt wider was nearly drowned out by Judy’s gasp in delight.AJ began to thrust in and out, building a slow rhythm that Judy soon matched. They both moaned and gasped as their excitement built. AJ began to massage Judy’s clit, hastening her impending climax. He knew better than to cum before her if he were to get repeat business. She responded to his expert technician methods. He heard her breathing become more labored, her exhaling was more moan than breathing. Judy watched him as he expertly fucked her and manipulated her clit towards orgasm. Soon, she gripped the bedspread tightly, closed her eyes and let out a series of loud gasps. “Fuck me, fuck me, ahhhhhh!” She panted as her orgasm rolled throughout her body. AJ complied. He quickened the pace, slamming his cock deep until his balls slapped against her ass. Over and over he plunged deep and quickly withdrew. He felt his pre cum mixing with her juices, making her pussy slick. Soon he felt the first spurt of his seed shoot deep into her. He continued to fuck her harder as load after load of his juices shot forth, mixing with hers. His plunging forced their cum from her pussy and it flowed down covering her ass and seeped onto the bed. Judy was recovering from a great orgasm. AJ, having shot his load, slowed until his cock grew flaccid and slid from her cunt. The last drops of their commingled love juices dripped onto her light brown bush.“AJ that was a great fuck.” She said in her most slutty voice.Hearing that, he dropped to his knees; her legs, still on his shoulders dropped to a more comfortable position. Without missing a beat, AJ leaned his head between her legs. Her pussy lips were swollen and parted. A stream of milky cum began to flow from deep within her. He enjoyed the aroma of their juices. The ocean scent of his jism, mixed with musky scent of her cum was intoxicating. He stuck his tongue out and probed the curls of her pubes. His tongue flicked the dollop of semen onto his tongue. He savored the salty mixture. He knew he was addicted. He lowered his head until his tongue reached the sensitive area between her pussy and her ass. He lapped at the tangy mixture, enjoying every drop. His tongue flattened and split her lips, creating a creamy flow that he quickly devoured. He teased her clit, just long enough to arouse her very sensitive nub. Again he lowered his tongue and retraced his steps. When he revisited her clit, the sensitivity was lowered and her arousal was reignited. He knew he hit a magic pace. He continued until her moans returned. She gripped the sheets and pulled herself towards him, grinding her pussy against his tongue and lips.As he pushed back, the waterbed began to keep pace, driving her body against his face, driving her closer to another climax.As the waves of the waterbed increased, so did her excitement. “Oh god, fuck me with your tongue. Clean your cum from my slutty hole. Eat me, eat me....” he voice trailed off till it was just a series of gutter all moans. They grew louder until, “AHHHH, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK ME, FUCK ME,AHHHHH!” She cried. “Don’t stop. Eat me, clean my fucking cunty hole.” She screamed and yelled words that she never used as a third orgasm rolled over her. “Let me suck your cock.”AJ didn’t hesitate. He stood up and pulled her into a sitting position. She grabbed his semi erect tool, opened her mouth and thrust it in. She licked and sucked the still gooey mixture of their cum that coated it. After a minute, he was again rock hard. He pushed her back and aimed his cock to her pussy. She willingly spread her legs wide, inviting him to fuck. He didn’t hesitate. With careful aim, he plunged his swollen cock deep into her gaping hole. Slick from their cum, his sloppy seconds fuck easily allowed him to bottom himself out in her.With the reduced friction of her open, wet hole, he began to pump her at a rapid pace. He knew she came at least three times, so he wasn’t as concerned with her enjoyment. This fuck was for him. He pounded his meat into her pussy. Judy wasn’t finished. She gripped the bed and pulled herself into him each time as he thrust forward. They matched their rhythm and soon they both neared orgasm. They weren’t sure who came first, but soon they were lost in the heat of animalistic lust. They banged each other’s bodies, releasing a stream of moans and grunts as they came. Again, his cock shot streams of sticky white cum into her as her juices, created from her enjoyment. They flooded her cunt until the mixture flowed over her lips and down the crack to her ass, coating and soaking the bed. AJ collapsed onto an exhausted Judy. They gasped to regain their breath, hoping their heart rate would lower and not beat out of their chests. Their sweaty bodies relaxed. “Judy, you are a very sexy lady. I’ve never enjoy anything this much before. Thank you my lovely lady.” He kissed her.Judy was beside herself. She never felt sexier. All those years of pent up, puritanical constrained feelings and desires were bursting from her every pore. She loved her husband; he adored her. But he rarely made her feel sexy, hot and slutty. She was enjoying this new found sensation.“AJ, anytime you want a good fuck, let me know. Before you go, let’s exchange numbers. We have to be discreet, my husband can’t know. I have to have more of this, more of you, especially your tongue and cock. Unfortunately you must go now. I’ve got a lot to clean up before he comes home. I’ll make sure other appliances break, and soon”With that, Judy gave AJ a deep wet kiss. She tasted the flavor of their juices on his lips. She was beginning to like the taste. It could become a new, flavorful addiction.AJ went into the bathroom and retrieved his clothes. As he dressed, he spied her soiled panties on the floor. He lifted them to his nose, enjoying her smell. Then he folded them and placed them into his pocket. “Till the next time.” He thought to himself.He picked up his tools and embraced Judy at the bedroom door. She still wore her lacy top and stilettos; but nothing more.“God you’re sexy, hot and beautiful.” He said as they kissed. “I hope this feeling never ends.” She thought to herself as she walked him to the door.She watched him go to his truck; she turned and returned to her bedroom. “Wow, it looks and smells like an orgy was here!” She thought. “Where should I begin? I’ll start with washing this hot little outfit and the bedding. Now where are those panties?”After 30 minutes of hunting for them, she gave up. He must have taken them as a souvenir. That made her feel even sexier and more desirable than ever. “I wish we had more time today.” She again thought. As she did the laundry and cleaned up, her phone buzzed.“Thank you!!!” Was the text. “Wow, what a great lover he turned out to be. I have to make sure this continues.” She thought as she texted him a smiley face.Within an hour, all physical evidence of her tryst was gone. Only the warm feeling between her legs remained.She texted her husband and let him know it took a while but the stove was fixed and working properly. She didn’t comment on her “oven repair”. That was for her and the repairman to share. “Let’s see what appliances I can break next....” flashed through her mind.


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