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“wider Maria国产精品爆乳奶水无码视频

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“wider Maria国产精品爆乳奶水无码视频

As I walked up the long driveway to the house I felt a familiar tingle of excitement. The thrill of the unknown and the prospect of earning some good money always seems to have that effect on me. Every time I start a new job, I tell myself that this time its going to be great, different and a whole new beginning. And then within a few weeks I’m back to being bored, finding trouble and usually getting moved on.This time however, was definitely going to be different I told myself as I rang the doorbell on the large front door of what was probably the most luxurious home I had ever seen.A small, drab man in a grey business suit answered the door and raised an eyebrow as he looked at me.‘good morning, I’m Tom’ I said with my best smile, ‘the new agency nurse?’‘come in’ he said, ‘My name is Mr Stevens, I’m Mr Peters’ attorney. I’ll show you around, check all the papers and then you can begin’The attorney led me through the house into a large ground floor office. Bay windows looked out onto the manicured lawns and the room was dominated by a large oak desk, with a leather upholstered chair into which he eased himself.He explained my duties (in glorious detail which I shall spare you here). In short, I was to be a live in nurse/care attendant for Mr Peters. He was a very wealthy businessman who had had a horse riding accident a few months earlier. As a result he was bed ridden and needed help with virtually everything. A physically big man, it was too much for most female nurses, particularly at nights, so they had decided to hire a male helper, who would live in the house, be on call from 1800 to 0800 and tend to Mr Peters every need. In return, I would have free rein of the house and grounds, including the tennis courts, swimming pool and sauna during my time off. I had use of the family BMW and I was to be extremely well paid for my trouble. ‘any questions?’ he asked. Not wanting to spoil what seemed too good to be true, I didn’t.And so, an hour later, having completed the paperwork, been given the tour and dropped my things off in my room, I was taken to meet Mr Peters. First impressions often are the best, and my first impression of Mr Peters was that he was a complete asshole….and indeed I was correct. He was bad tempered, rude and clearly a bully as he curtly acknowledged me, then launched into a string of instructions and abuse at his attorney. I can only assume the attorney was also being well rewarded because he took it without a flinch, nodding yessir and nossir, while taking notes on a big legal pad. Soon I was dismissed, and told to report back for my first shift at 1800, I would find my blues in the wardrobe in my room and Maria, the housekeeper would ensure I was fed and clothed throughout my stay. I could find her in the kitchen.And so I began my new life working for Mr Peters. The work was not too bad, mostly involving cleaning Mr Peters when he had an ‘accident’- not a pleasant job, but no big deal for a trained nurse like me, as well as administering his medication and replenishing his pump feeder on time. The rest of the time I chilled out, swimming a lot in the private pool and occasionally hanging out down in the kitchen with Maria.Maria was really nice and we hit it off pretty well straight away. She was a good bit older than me, probably about my Mum’s age actually and of Spanish/latin blood. She was what you might call voluptuous- not quite a ‘big woman’ but certainly no skinny rake either. Long dark hair, usually kept tied up in a bun and a lovely smile with a full and generous mouth- I reckon when she was younger she was a seriously good looking girl, and to be fair she still looked pretty fine to me. I liked to sit at the kitchen table watching her work around the kitchen, sneaking looks at her body as she bent to put stuff into cupboards and the like. I had to be careful though- her husband was the gardener and he was probably the biggest, meanest looking motherfucker I had ever seen. There was no way I wanted him looking for my blood!Well after about 2 weeks, I had settled down into a nice routine, and one afternoon I found myself down in the kitchen as Maria was doing some baking. As usual, I was wearing my ‘blues’- loose cotton pants and top, like you would see in any hospital, and I was enjoying watching Maria as she bustled about the kitchen. Her housekeeper’s uniform was stretching in all sorts of interesting places and I was having a lovely time.I could feel a bulge forming in my pants so I was careful to stay seated with the table providing a degree of cover. I didn’t want to cause any trouble, and the last thing I needed was for Maria to see my bulge and shout her beast of a husband in from the garden. I glanced out the window and there he was, sitting on the lawnmower and driving straight lines up and down the lawns. I turned back to Maria to see her looking quizzically at me, holding out a cup. “didn’t you hear me Tom?” she asked, smiling. “would you mind putting this in the cupboard behind you please?”I was caught. I had no choice but to stand up and take the cup, turn and put it away. All the while with my pants bulging like they were about to burst. There was no way she could fail to notice, and sure enough when I turned back round she was standing with her mouth open and a look of surprise on her face. She looked me in the eye and started to speak, but paused as her eyes were drawn down to the bulge in my pants.I decided to take control of the situation and walked quickly around the table to her. Just as she was about to shout out, I placed my finger to my lips and said ‘sshhh!”I took her by the arm and gently steered her over to the table and sat her down in the seat I had just left.‘please don’t shout out’ I said, ‘ you husband would kill me if he saw this’ , as I pointed down at my trousers.She nodded, still lost for words. I looked up at the window and saw the lawnmower still working up and down, her husband concentrating intently on keeping the lines straight.I quickly dropped my hands down to my waistband and started to undo the drawstring of my pants.Maria almost stood up, but I stepped forward and blocked her. Slipping my hand down my pants, I started to stroke my cock. She sat there transfixed as I leant forward, and loosened the clasp holding her hair in the bun. Her long dark hair fell down and I gently teased it in to shape with my left hand as I continued to stroke my cock with my right.God , she really was looking good. I could see down the front of her top and glimpsed the frill of a lacy black bra, holding those lovely big tits in place.I released my cock for a moment, and quickly slipped off my shirt. Her eyes widened as she took in my physique- lean and muscular, honed by a lifetime of sport and swimming.I slipped down my pants and showed her my cock. Almost ten inches of solid meat, with a large drop of pre-cum oozing from the tip was no in front of her, probably no more than 18 inches from her face.Glancing once more at her husband, I placed one hand on her head and gently pulled her towards my cock.I looked down, and with my right hand guided my cock and gently rubbed it up and down her cheek. She seemed stunned by what was happening to her, as I rubbed myself up and down her face.Her husband had reached the bottom of the lawn and was turning the mower to do the long straight back towards the house, as I forced my cock between his wife’s lips.Her mouth opened involuntarily as the tip slipped in, and I looked down and whispered to her,“wider Maria, you are going to have to take it all in” .she opened wider and I began to feed my cock in to her unresisting mouth. Slowly I began to fuck her mouth, each stroke getting deeper and deeper,女人脱裤子让男生桶爽免费看 until she began to choke. Shaking her head she pulled back and my cock slipped from between her lips, she leaned back and grabbed my throbbing meat with one hand, and pushed her hair back out of her face.She looked up at me with a look of such total lust on her face that I gasped, as she leaned forwards and once again took my cock into her mouth. Her hand firmly grasping my cock, she began to make long slow strokes as she sucked at me. I looked up at her husband, oblivious as he went about his business while his wife was eating my cock. And my god this woman knew how to suck dick. Her hands moved steadily and rhythmically, in time with her mouth as she sucked up and down the length of my shaft. She slipped my cock out of her mouth and ran her tongue gently around the tip before plunging it back between her lips.I moaned with pleasure as she expertly brought me to the point of orgasm, when she stopped and pinched hard on the tip of my swollen member! As she had intended, this brought my build up to a sudden stop, and she looked up at me and smiled.‘I’m not wasting this beautiful cock’ she murmured, as she pushed me back and stood up. Still squeezing my cock firmly, she kissed me. Her tongue delving into my mouth passionately, I could taste my pre-cum on her slips as we kissed. My hands started to roam round her body as I began to struggle to undo the buttons down the front of her uniform.She moved around and pushed my back against the table, my buttocks against the wooden edge.Releasing my cock she started to undo her clothes and slowly, one item at a time she stripped for me. I looked out at her husband, blithely mowing the lawn as her dress dropped to the floor. She was magnificent! Big, heavy tits bulging out of a black lacy bra, little black panties covering her private area and all of it in beautiful abundance.She reached around behind her back and unclasped her bra, shaking her shoulders gently as she slipped it off and let her tits hang free. She straightened her back and thrust her gorgeous tits towards me. Without hesitation I reached forward and started to play with them, squeezing, kneading and massaging those beautiful orbs. Her large nipples hardened under my touch and I leaned forward to suck first one, then the other. Panting now we both kissed again, and allowed our hands to explore each others bodies. We stood there in the kitchen, in full view of the window as, consumed with lust we kissed, stroked, and sucked each other.I ran my hand down her stomach and slipped my fingers below the waistband of her panties. I could feel the heat as I slipped past a light tuft of hair and found her slit.She was hot and wet and gasped as I slipped a finger into her. Slowly I explored her pussy, touching stroking and caressing her.I slid down and dropped to my knees in front of her, slipping both hands under the elastic of her briefs, I slid them down her legs and she stepped out of them and sat back against the table.Lifting one leg, she exposed her pussy to my gaze, and soon to my tongue.I began to lick her cunt, tasting her juices as she began to squirm and writhe above me.I could hear the noise of the lawnmower as her husband steadily mowed the lawn, as I ate his wife’s pussy. I ran my tongue around her inner thighs, then stood and pushed her back against the table.She lay back on to the table and raised her legs apart.I stepped in and placed my cock against her moist entrance.There was little resistance as I slowly slipped inside of her. She moaned with pleasure as the first 5 inches slipped in and I paused, allowing her to get the feel.With her legs in the air, I gave her another inch. Then, holding her legs akimbo by the ankles I began to slide the rest of my cock into her. Seven inches, she gasped again, eight inches she moaned as I pulled back out before sliding more into her . nine inches and she was getting very noisy.I pulled out almost all the way, and looked down into her eyes. She was frenzied with passion as I smiled and said ‘here it comes!’ with that I thrust all 10 inches slowly but deeply into her.She bucked and arched her back as she was penetrated deeper than she had ever been before. I paused while she adjusted to the feeing of being truly full, then started to pump myself in and out.She was hot , wet and very tight as I fucked her there and then on the table. Her tits wobbled and bounced as I got faster and faster. Harder and harder I fucked her, as I slipped her legs up onto my shoulders, slipped my hands down under her ass and lifted her slightly from the table. My hands grasped her ass and pulled the cheeks apart slightly as I lifted her. This change of angle allowed me to penetrate even deeper as I sank my cock in and out of her.She was moaning as I fucked her, then started muttering in Spanish. I don’t know what she was saying but I certainly took it as an encouragement as I gave her the fucking of her life.The lawnmower droned on steadily as his wife started to reach her first orgasm. I felt her muscles clasp my cock as she started to buck and arch beneath me. I carried on remorselessly. My cock thrusting in and out like a machine as she came. On and on I pumped as she began to gasp for air as she felt another orgasm build inside.I could feel the pressure build myself as the familiar tingle started in my balls. I would not be long now, as I fucked her deep and hard.I looked out the window as the hapless gardener drove his machine up and down the lawn as I drove my cock into his wife.My cock seemed to get even harder as I watched him while I fucked his wife. She moaned beneath me as I felt my balls send their load on its way.I began to come, spurt after spurt of hot cum pumped deep inside her as I cried out with the ecstasy. Every muscle in my body screamed out as I thrust into her as each spurt sent waves of pleasure coursing through my body.It was intense, but over all too soon. The pleasure gave way to pain as my cock suddenly felt very tender.I pulled out of her, and made a slurping noise as my dripping cock slipped its last inch or two out. Maria just lay there on the table, looking up at the ceiling as I stepped back and let her legs gently down.I turned round, and bent down to pick up my clothes from the floor where they had been dropped.As I dressed, I heard the lawnmower stop and the engine cut out. I slipped my shirt on and stepped back into my pants as I saw the gardener step off the mower and turn to make his way back towards the house.Time for his tea break I thought as Maria slipped out of her stupor, grabbed her clothes and scurried into the next room.As he entered the kitchen I was standing at the kitchen sink and I smiled as I greeted him. ‘Maria has just popped upstairs to see Mr Peters’ attorney ‘ I said, as he took a seat. The very seat has wife had recently occupied while sucking my dick, he leaned forward onto the table and sighed.‘ ah, you know Tom, it is a very hot day today to be working in the garden. I envy you being able to stay in the cool of this kitchen’I smiled. ‘’yes, but sometimes the kitchen can get very hot as well ‘ I replied, as I washed the smell of his wife’s pussy from my fingers, ‘but I think I will be spending some of my time in here, where it is more pleasant’He laughed as his wife came back into the room.She looked quizzically at him laughing, and relaxed with relief as she realised he was oblivious to what had just happened.‘well’, I said, ‘ I must be going now, but I’ll be back tomorrow, if that’s ok Maria?’ I asked as I went to leave.‘’yes Tom, that would be very nice, I enjoy the company’ she replied, looking me in the eye as I walked towards the door behind her.Yes, I thought- this is going to be good!



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