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and looked into my eyes色五月丁香六月欧美综合

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and looked into my eyes色五月丁香六月欧美综合

Chapter 6 – the garden partyRolando sent a large black SUV around to the hotel promptly at 6pm, as promised. Poppi and Tammy were arm in arm again, waiting patiently for the driver to open the door. Tammy wore a thin white gauze dress that was nearly see-thru. It had thin spaghetti strings that tied at the shoulders to keep it on her, and it clung to every curve of her body.I don’t know where she got such an outfit, but I suspected Poppi gave it to her to wear.Poppi was wearing a light blue dress that was also very sheer and see-thru. I could see her dark areolas and nipples thru the thin material. She had lovely breasts and a very tight ass.Neither woman had on any undergarments. I was suddenly looking forward to the party.We were back at the same villa from the night before.We entered the compound but were driven around to the rear of the villa.We were escorted thru a large archway, into a walled garden area.It was full of lush, green trees and vividly colored flowers.There was a group of glass top tables and umbrellas in the yard, which overlooked the ocean. There were cut fruits on display, meats being grilled, and a private bar tender serving drinks.It was quite a spread.Our host, Rolando, was wearing a dapper straw hat, sunglasses and a brightly colored shirt. He grinned broadly as he approached the ladies.I am sure he could have cared less if I was there or not.He gave Tammy and Poppi a kiss on the cheek and presented each with a cut rose.He said he had never had two more beautiful, and sexy ladies as his guests.Tammy blushed and looked over at me as if to say that she was going to have a really great time here tonight.We were offered mixed drinks of fresh squeezed fruit and tequila, which were delicious.We picked at some of the delicacies prepared by the caterers. Since it was a warm night, we did not really feel like eating much. There were several of the same men attending from the night before. They all acted like perfect gentlemen and treated Tammy like a princess. The music put her in a mellow mood and soon she was asked to dance by one of the men. She kicked off her sandals and slow danced on the grass with her partner.I loved watching her sway to the music, pressed up against the hard body of one of the men who had fucked her senseless last night. I was getting an erection as I visualized the previous evening’s activities.Poppi found me and led me out to dance too.We got very close. She pressed her breasts against my chest and grabbed my ass with one hand. I returned the favor and cupped the curve of her ass cheek in my palm.The thin mesh of the dress barely separated her skin from mine. We moved together to the music as she buried her face in my neck. She smelled terrific. I briefly forgot I was on my honeymoon, as an erection began to build in my pants. Poppi felt it, and ground herself against it, as if to acknowledge my condition.She pulled back, and looked into my eyes, and gave me a kiss. Her hand disappeared past my waistline and found my pulsing cock. She smiled and curled her other finger to say, “follow me”. I was caught up in the moment, and did not even think to look for Tammy, as I dutifully shuffled behind Poppi, holding her hand.She led us to a quiet area, away from the party, that looked out over the Caribbean.The moon was out and left a sparkling glow on the water.She leaned against the rock wall separating the grounds from the ocean cliff and pulled me to her. Poppi quietly leaned in against me and whispered, “it is my job to keep you entertained tonight, so Rolando and his guests can entertain Tammy. And I love my job”.She then gave me a deep, sensuous kiss. While Poppi and I were getting to know each other, the outdoor party was in full swing, and the same attitude of the guests was rekindled from the night before.I learned later what all happened.In many ways I wish I did not know the details, but it all came out eventually as Tammy and I discussed it.Here is what I learned….Tammy had been busy on the dancefloor with several men, who continually cut in on each other to dance with her.She loved the attentiveness she was getting.It is not often that a girl got to be the sole focus of an entire room of horny men, and she was milking it for all she could get. She was given shots of tequila between songs and was feeling no pain.It did not take long for someone to undo the tied straps of her dress. The dress slowly slipped from her shoulders, and she casually let it fall to the ground.She was suddenly naked as she kicked the dress to the side. She looked at the men surrounding her,欧美激情视频 and shrugged her shoulders as if to say, “oh well, time to get fucked”.The men rapidly stripped off their clothes too, and soon swarmed her.Tammy was surrounded by a half dozen hot, horny men.They were dancing around her, and their protruding erections bounced with the movement.Tammy dropped to her knees and opened her mouth.She grabbed the first available cock with her tiny fist and slipped her lips over it. The dick was hot to the touch. Tammy could feel the blood pulsing thru it as she worked her tongue around the velvety head.She began to suck and then stroked the shaft in and out of her mouth. There was another hard cock shoved in her face, so she switched and began to work on the new one presented to her. She could taste a bit of pre-cum leaking out of this one and the salty flavor got her more enthused.She loved being fed cum and this taste was just a pre-curser to the feast of cum she was planning to receive.One of the men grabbed her head and shoved his dick down her throat. It made her eyes water and her nose run as she choked on the man meat.She loved being forced to take a cock. It was a vulnerable, subservient act, that gave her a mini orgasm each time a fresh cock was buried in her throat.She had learned that when drinking alcohol, she could relax her throat and control her gag reflex. She realized that her husband’s dick really wasn’t big enough to gag her anyway.In fact, it was not even enjoyable, compared to the large cocks she had taken last night.What a difference a day made in her opinion of her husband.She sucked every dick in the circle but brought none of them to orgasm. The men were not anxious to unload their spunk this soon. They wanted to have plenty of jizz to last the entire party.Tammy was lifted by one of the men and carried to one of the caterer tables.The table had been full of desserts until someone unceremoniously swept all the food on to the grass to make way for her. She laid on her back, with her head dangling off one end and her legs spread in the air like a V. The men lined up.Her gash was dripping with her wetness and her cunt lips were swollen and spread open. Her smoothly shaved crotch glistened as the moon and party lights illuminated her. She was about to be gang banged and her heart was beating rapidly in anticipation. She felt a pair of hands grab her ankles.She held her breath as she waited to be speared by a hard dick.But then there was a pause, and the hands let go of her. Tammy looked down her body towards her legs and then saw Rolando.He had stepped in ahead of the other guy.He took his privilege of being the host of this party to be the first man to have her tonight.He was naked except for the Panama straw hat he still doffed. He grabbed her ankles and rested her legs over each shoulder.He swabbed his dick up and down her dripping snatch to get it slicked up for penetration. Tammy looked into his eyes and smiled as she felt him ease into her velvet snatch. “Oh, my gawd”, she gasped, as Rolando entered her.She was pretty sure that she had fucked him last night, but the alcohol kept her from remembering how large and hard his penis was.It was huge, and now was buried balls deep into her. Rolando patiently stroked in and out of her, as the crowd of horny men silently watched.There was music in the background and there was the constant hum of the ocean waves below, but it did not mask the lovely sound that Tammy’s pussy made as that cock pistoned in and out of her.The sloshing noises of her dripping gash, as Rolando penetrated and retreated from her, told the crowd she was incredibly excited.He pulled his cock from her snatch and lifted Tammy’s hips up a bit, as he lined up his erection with her tight little ass hole.He dabbed her juices around the opening and slowly eased himself into her tight rosebud.He studied her face.Tammy grinned as he proceeded to enter her other hole. His huge cock was soon embedded in her ass and he paused to savor the feeling. Rolando then began his assault as he stroked in and out.Tammy’s fingers found her clit and she rubbed it in timing with the cock tripping in and out of her dirty hole.Her head dangled off the other side of the table and she barked out “fuck me!”She was on the verge of an orgasm when Rolando suddenly pulled out and deftly moved around the table to her face.He plunged his slimy cock in her mouth, and she hungrily licked off her ass juices. She opened her jaw wider signaling Rolando to fuck her throat. She grabbed his ass cheeks to pull him in so she could deep throat him. In a minute, Rolando pulled out and jacked off.He spewed his jizz all over Tammy’s upturned face.Her mouth caught his spunk but most of it landed on her nose and cheeks.She managed to lap up the remnants dripping from his pee hole before he stumbled away in exhaustion.Just after Rolando had pulled out of her ass, another man stepped up to the table.She felt an unknown dick fill her cunt while she was orally servicing Rolando. The combination of two dicks in her at the same time was fabulous and she instantly had another orgasm. The man in her pussy followed Rolando’s lead and inserted it in her ass when done with her cunt.She rubbed her swollen clit to another great orgasm just before the second man pulled out of her ass and shoved it into her mouth. Tonight, Tammy was being a 3-hole slut for the entire group of men and they took full advantage of her. Each time one of the men pulled out of her ass, another man would get between her legs and penetrate one of her well used holes.It was a conga line of naked men, sporting erections, waiting for their turn to fuck her. Some of the men never made it to her mouth and either filled her cunt or her ass with jizz.Tammy was gushing with their combined juices. Her face was covered by the men’s cum, sweat, and matted hair.She was a delirious wreck.

事实的确如此色五月丁香六月欧美综合色五月丁香六月欧美综合,那位开发者叫做Van Tran,而非Ban Tran。

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